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In which contact lenses are infectious corneal ulcers more common?
What's the biggest disadvantage to RGP lenses?
initial comfort
T or F: environmental dust is an indication to use RGPs
F! it's a disadvantage
As oxygen permeability (Dk) increases, _____ decreases and is less stable.

(traditional wisdom)
PMMA lenses have all of the following except (1 answer):

good hardness, durability, optics, oxygen permeability, wettability
they have poor Oxygen Permeability
A teteracurve lens has how many zones outside of the OZD?

a tricurve has 2 zones outside of the OZD
When is back vertex power and front vertex power significant?
plus lenses
What does a v-gauge measure?
OAD only
What does the Contact lens identification kit use to identify the lens material?
different solutions of different specific gravities
What principle does the Radiuscope use to measure the BCR?
Drysdale principle

measures the distance between the real and aerial images
Which blend on RGPs has the most polishing?

Which blend on RGPs is assoc with discomfort and poort physiological response?

Which RGP edge shape is NOT associated with decreased comfort
smooth or well-tapered (in the middle of the three)
T or F: ideal edge is smoothyly tapered with apex 1/2 - 2/3 posterior

1. empirical or diagnostic fit better?
2. What's the average OAD?
1. diagnostic
2. 9.20-9.50mm
Would you fit a flat cornea with plus refractive error in a larger or smaller diameter RGP?
What is better for RGP centration: WTR or ATR astigmatism?
If the patient has <= .50D corneal cyl, what Base curve should you start with?

Which corneal cyl amounts should you start "on K"?

Which corneal cyl amount should you do a bitoric or back toric design instead of spherical?
0.50-0.75 FTK


The BCR is flatter/steeper for a lid attachment fit than for an interpalpebral fit.
T or F: it is better to use a viscous GP solution for evaluating fluorescein patterns than a soft multipurpose solution (on a RGP lens)

soft multipurpose and saline indicated
What is another name for an alignment fit?

(what characteristic should it have)
Minimal apical clearance
T or F: there are three zones you need to pay attention to when evaluating fluorescein patterns
T: central, mid-peripheral, peripheral
If you have an over-refraction of >=____D, you need to vertex it before you add it to the diagnostic RGP power that you're trialing
Which of the following are NOT considered minimum info for rigid lens ordering:

OZD, OAD, BCR, CT, power, material, color, PCS design, "dot" on OD or OS
OZD, CT, PCS design, dot
High oxygen demands (such as what two conditions) benefit from high/low Dk F-S/A materials.
high plus lenses, sleeping in lenses

T or F: coverage, centration and movement are three things to evaluate in an RGP fit
F! no coverage!

centration, movement, fitting philosophy, NaFl pattern, fitting philosophy (LA, IP or modified LA)
How much change is significant:

1. BCR
2. OAD
3. PCR
4. PCW
1. .10 increments
2. .50 increments
3. 1.0 increments
4. .20 increments
For a high minus spherical RGP, what edge is best?

Low minus?
CN bevel and (+) lenticular

(-) lenticular
T or F: soft contact lens solutions can be used with GPs, but GP solutions can't be used with soft contacts

(scl absorbs everything and will absorb toxic chemicals)
How are you supposed to clean RGP lenses?
left-right action (not circular)
F-S/A RGP: ___ deposit problems

SA: more likely to have ____ deposits
High Dk F-S/A: lipid

SA: protein
Boston Original does/doesn't have biguanide.

What "preservative" does Lobob Optimum use?

alcohol (not true preservative)
Can Boston Simplus Multi action solution be used with high dk Menicon lenses?

How long do you have to store the RGPs in Lobob Optimum to disinfect?

Menicon progent is a ___ cleaner.
yes (other boston's can't)

6 hours (boston's = 4 hours)

periodic (weekly)
T or F: Walgreen's Daily Cleaner is approved for daily use in RGP lenses
F! (used as extra-strength laboratory cleaner)
If the patient experiences flare with RGPs, what's the solution?
increase OZD (OAD) and improve centration
If the patient has a low-riding lens and has a lid attachment fit, what should you do to the:

1. BCR
2. OAD
3. Mass/thickness of lens
1. flatten
2. increase
3. decrease
Lens adhesion with RGPs is due to flat/steep BCR, large/small OZD, or flat/steep PCR
steep, large, steep
___ cornea may decenter high or low

____ cornea may decenter temporal or nasal

____-based laboratory cleaners can be used to help "cure" lens surface dry spots/ poor wettability
____-based solvents can cause crazing