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Name three methods of communication?
Messenger, Radio, Sound, Visual and Wire.
What information is contained in an SOI?
Frequencies, current call signs and suffixes.
What does S.O.I. stand for?
Signal Operation Instructions.
How to operate a signal
How much WD1 wire is on a MX306 wird dispenser?
1/2 mile.
How much wire is on the DR8 Wire Reel?
1/4 mile.
When Laying WD1 field wire what percent should you allow for slack?
Most 20 yr olds are slackers
How deep should you dig WD! under hard packed dirt roads?
Six to twelve inches.
you cant dig the deep in hard soil.
How should BA30 batteries be installed in a TA312 field telephone?
One up and one down.
What does NCS stand for?
Net Control Station.
Fishing command station
What is the range of the TA-1 field telephone?
One mile.
How many volts are in a TA-1 when squeezed?
100 volts.
What does PMCS stand for?
Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services.
How high must WD-1 wird be above a road crossing?
At least 18 feet above the road.
How deep should you dig WD-1 wire in loose and sand soil?
At least 3 feet deep.
you can dig deep in loose soil.
How deep should you dig WD-1 wire in loose and sandy soil?
A least 3 feet deep.
When taping a splice, how much tape is needed?
At least 4 inches.
What type of knot is used in reparing WD-1 wire?
A square knot.
What does CB, LB, CBS stand for on the TA-312 telephone set?
CB- Common battery
LB- Local battery
CBS- Common battery signaling
At whaqt level is organization maintenance pulled?
Company level.
At what level is direct support maintenance pulled?
Maintenance Support Battalion.
How far should wird be burried beyond each side of the road?
At least two feet.
What is the maxium effective distance of a TA-312 in wet and dry climates?
Wet climate-14 miles
Cry climate-22 miles
What is the first thing that you can do when you think you are being jammed?
Disconnect the antenna from the radio. If the interference stops, that means that you are probably being jammed.
What is the Phonetic Alphabet?
A-Alpha, B-Bravo, C-Charlie, D-Delta, E-Echo, F-Foxtrot, G-Golf, H-Hotel, I-India, J-Juliet, K-Kilo, L-Lima, M-Mike, N-November, O-Oscar, P-Papa, Q-Qubec, R-Romeo, S-Sierra, T-Tango, U-Uniform, V-Victor, W-Whiskey, X-Xray, Y-Yankee, Z-Zulu.