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This is widely shared understanding fo right and wrong
___are fundamental beliefs you hold as true
personal values
Ethical decisions are based on personal ___
moral codes
Society's ___ define what's right and wrong
legal codes
___ is simple disagreement btwn law and morals/values
the result when the complexity of issues where the law and some people's moral / religious codes do not coincide to create an easy answer that everyone will agree to and accept
Ethical dilemma
_____ help inform your personal decision making so you remain ethical, even when confronting difficult and complex issues
Hierarchy of values
CSR stands for
corporate social responsibility
___ promotes making social agendas and social resp. equal to profit imperative and balancing econo, and social factors in all bus. decisions
Corporate social resp.
Tangible bus. benefits and corp. social resp.
Shielding employees from litigation and negative publicity
Reducing compliance and audit costs
Creating a brand built on integrity and ethical conduct
Gaining goodwill in local communities
Ensuring an organization will be accepted as it expands
Attracting quality employees
___ exist when bus. transfers some of its own reso. to society/ gov. by making them responsible for their actions and decisions long after profits have been earned and spent
externalities/ externalized costs
____means that managers are accountable to shareholders
corporate governance
What impacts corp. governance, requiring IT governance?
___ is the distrib. of IT decision-making rights, duties, and procedures among enterprise stakeholders and monitoring strat. decisions regarding IT
IT governance
What causes ethical misconduct in bus.?
- making more money to satisfy main purpose of organ. (higher profits and maxim. shareholder value)
-greed and ego (powerful forces)
the law prevents bus. leaders from acting unethically
when the law and an individuals moral code are not in sync, it is a situation known as an
ethical dilemma
it is widely accepted that acting ethically
a. increases profits
b. offsets risk
c. eliminates threats
IT governance begins as a very high-level process that specifies
-how the organization will set goals, objectives, priorities, and policies for IT;
-how it will integrate IT with business strategies and goals; and
-which organizational members will make decisions regarding, and be responsible for, the successful completion of these tasks (the “who” of IT governance)
US passed this law to restore public and investor confidence in the financ. accountability and reporting of publically traded comp.
Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
___can be defined as the highest level of decision making , involving basic qst of status, strategy, and compliance within an org.
corporate governance
CIO stands for
chief information officer
The___ must ensure proper and secure use of all org. info resources and the org's compliance w/ privacy laws and regulations in every jurisdiction in which it operates.
PIPEDA stands for
personal information protection and electronic documents ACT
This act sets out rules for how private sector org. may collect, use or dislose personal info in the course of commercial act. It gives rights to access the request correction fo personal info.
This ontario legislature bill allows to require reporting issuers to appoint audit committees and to prescribe requirements relating to the functions and resp. of audit committees, including independence requirements
Bill 198
This law allows for each EU memeber nation to pass legislation requiring confidentiality and integrity controls for networks, syst. and data
EU data protection directive
The regulations from bank for international settlements are designed to encourage banks to adop and follow rigorous risk assessment, manag. and ctls. practices
Base 2 ACCORD.
CEO's and CFO's required to personally certify in each interim and annula filing that under the____
Multilateral instrument
This federal gov. act imposs obligations on some 150 federal goc. dept's and agencies to respect privacy rights by limiting the collection, use and disclosure of personal info
Privacy act
T/ F
All bus. professionals who use organ. techno should understand how techno. can affect corporate and IT governance
IT governanve includes the dist. of IT decision-making rights and responsibilities among enterprise stakeholders
___ help guide the professionals within the field in terms of what is and is not acceptable and ethical behaviour
Codes of conduct
common ethical dilemmas involving IT
Copyright and Privacy
Patent violations
Reverse engineering
Spam and Privacy Codes
Security breaches
Competitive intelligence
Hiring practices, equity and equal opportunity
___ is used to find out how another manuf. created a prod. and then attempting to learn from this to make a better one/ find a way to replicate it in diff. way
reverse engineering
Silence of tolerance is a form of ___
complicit or implicit consent( despite your inklings to the contrary, you did nothing)
any solution involving disclosure takes you dangerously close to the issue of ____ which is fraught with ethical dilemmas.
whistle- blowing