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What is the pneumonic for the 4 types of collagen?

S- skin
c- connective tissue
a- arteries
b- basement membrane
What a.a. is every 3rd spot in collagen?
What is needed to hydroxylate proline and lysine?
vit c
What is needed only to hydroxylate lysine?
Free ribosomes make protein for where?
protein stays in the cytoplasm
For wound healing and scarring, when do fibroblasts show up?
day 7
When does fibroblast activity peak?
day 30
How long does it take to complete scarring?
6 months
What causes a keloid? Who gets them?
too much collagen deposition in blacks and hispanics
What is a classic clue to Ehler's Danlos?
stretchy skin
What is a classic clue to Marfan's?
wing span longer than height
What is a classic clue for Homocystienuria?
marfanoid-like- retina detaches at the top and a lot of methionine in the urine
What is a classic clue for Osteogenesis Imperfecta?
blue sclera and shattered bones
What is a clue for Minky's kinky hair syndrome?
orange hair, feels like copper wire- Cu deficiency
Where does the retina detach in Marfans?
at the bottom- looks at ceiling
What is a clue for Ankylosing spondylitis?
bamboo spine
What is a clue for Takayasu's disease?
Asian woman w/ a weak pulse
What is the difference between elastin and collagen?
elastin has no hydroxylysines
What is a desmosome comprised of?
lysines lined up
Where does elastase cut to the right of?
gly, ala, and serine
What causes emphysema?
destruction of elastin
Panacinar elastin is caused by what?
AR- alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency
Centroacinar emphysema is caused by?
Disto-acinar emphysema is caused by what?
Bullous emyphsema is caused by?
s. aureus and pseudomonas- both destroy elastase
What 4 patients have an increased s. aureus and pseudomonas infection rate?
neutropenic, burn patients, cystic fibrosis, diabetics
What is keratin for?
tensile strength
What does keratin have a lot of?