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Head-Turn Preference Procedure (HPP)
Baby sits in the middle of a three-sided booth. When the baby looks in the middle, the left/right side of the booth will begin blinking & a person speaking a specific type of speech will talk. This continues till the baby looks away. Researchers are trying to see which type of speech is more appealing for the baby.
New Words for New Concepts
"Light-up Sword" versus Light saber
Obi-Wan is a teacher
Phoneme Errors
th -> f
sh -> s
Overregularized Verbs
"blowed up", not blew up.
Social Phrases
Darf Vade, he'll get ya!
What seems new?
High-Amplitude Sucking (HAS)
The more they suck on their pacifier, they more they are interested.
Visual Habituation
Hears a sound when looking at an image. Gradually, looking declines. New sound occurs: does the baby look longer?
Picture Fixation Procedure
What did a spoken word refer to? Codes eye movement. If they look at an image more, do they understand it?
Categorical Perception
Listeners are better at discriminating between categories versus between.