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Resus can be stopped without ALS when:

* DNAR (not choking or trauma)

* Final stages of terminal illness

* Submersion for longer than 1-5hrs (unless there was a pocket of sir,showing signs of life on initial rescue, intermittently submerged eg wearing life jacket)

All of below-

* 15 min since collapse

* No bystander doing CPR prior to ambulance arriving

* Asystole rhythm for >30 seconds on ECG

Resus can be discontinued following ALS when:

* suspected medical/cardiac cause

* Pt remains in asystole or agonal (breaths of 10 or less) for at least 20 mins

Resus cannot be discontinued if any of the following are present:

* Maternity

* Trauma

* Hypothermia

Manage the above with JRCALC/Trust guidelines

* Suspected cause of drowning or drug induced cardiac arrest, once resus has commenced then Pt must be conveyed to ED

An agonal rhythm is a terminal event in the dying process, caused by the death of the myocardium. It does not respond to treatment and is the last rhythm before asystole. Only cease by senior clinician confirms rate of 10 breaths pm. If in doubt must be treated for a PEA

Death of a child:

* Must be transported to ED

* If police need body to be left, the trust will move when ok

Death in public place
* Contact Hub to request police
* Don't move body
* Complete a trust document
* Stay on scene until released by police
* If happens in ambulance - phone hub and request police to attend destination hospital

Adult expected death in a non-public place:

* No police

* Liaise with family to contact funeral director

* Notify Hub and Pt's GP's

* Body may be left with family to await funeral director

Unexpected adult death in a non-public place:

* Contact police via Hub

* if not suspicious then may not need to stay if body can be left in care of responsible person

* Consider needs to family, if well supported it may be appropriate to leave after paperwork

* Leave bereavement leaflet and Confirmation of Death form

End tidal CO2 should be between 4-5.7 kPa


Time line of death