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neonate female gross deformity of her lower back . Examination of subcutaneous lesion reveal disorganized neural tissue with entrapment of nerve roots. Dx?


What is the important dietary supplement that can reduce q1 incidence of neural tube defects

folic acid

male neonate is noted at birth have paralysis of lower limbs. infant fails to thrive and expires. brainstem and cerebellum are examined at autopsy. (image) diagnosis?

Arnold Chiari malformation

female neonate is noted to have pronounced enlargement of her head . she develops convulsions MRI reveals excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. ventricular enlargement and atrophy of the cerebral cortex. this development birth detect was most likely caused by ?

Atresia of the aqueduct of sylvus


which anatomic structure produced the CSF that accumulated in the brain of the neonate in Q4

Choroid plexus

3 year old girl who has been mentally retarded since birth is killed in drowning accident. The superior surface of the brain at autopsy is shown in the image. Dx of gross deformity


2 week old male neonate has frequent generalized seizures and fails to thrive. Facial dysmorphology including cleft palate and low set ears.

Chromosomal abnormalities

( holoprosencephaly)

50 year old man presents with staggering gait and lightning pain in his hands and legs. His past medical history is significant for an aortic aneurysm and aortic insufficiency neurologic examination reveals impaired since of vibration as well as touch and pain in the lower extremities . the Patient subsequently dies of pneumonia. Autopsy disclose obliterative endarteritis of meningeal blood vessels and atrophy of the posterior columns of the spinal cord. Dx?

Tabes Dorsalis


76 year old man admitted to hospital for evaluation of progressive memory loss and disorientation. the pupils are small but react normally to light. muscle tone is normal a lumbar puncture returns fleas, colorless, csf under normal pressure. an Electroencphalogram shows diffuse slowing a CT scan of the brain reveals moderate atrophy

Alzheimer disease

66 Woman vocalist difficulty remembering fav song, problem cont to worsen over next several months and pt becomes increasingly withdrawn from her family. Dementia and gait disturbance . MRI d: mild cerebral atrophy. Analysis of CSF normal. Electroencephalogram periodic spike wave complexes. One month later the pt is bedridden and non responsive and subsequently dies. The patient most likely has which of the following categories of organ sp amyloidosis


What key feature distinguishes normal proteins from their pathologic forms in the brain of the patient described in pt q10

Three dimensional conformation

88 woman with alzheimer deisease dies of congestive heart failure. ex of brain shows bilateral atrophy of the gyro particularly in the frontal