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What can atropine be used to treat?

AChesterase poisoning

What is used to treat benzo overdose?

What other overdose can this be used to treat?



What can be used to correct effects of warfarin?

Vit K

What is used to treat methotrexate-induced toxicity?

Folate and leucovorin

What can be used for methanol and ethylene glycol poisoning?

Ethanol and formeppizole

What is used for CO poisoning?

Hyperbaric oxygen

LD50 of methanol?

30-240 mL

How does ethanol reverse methanol poisoning?

Competitive antagonism slowing down the formation of formaldehyde and methanoic acid by alcohol dehydrogenase

Which metabolite formed from the breakdown of ethylene gycol is toxic?


Oxalic acid

Ca oxalate is poorly soluble and crystals form in kidneys leading to obstrutive renal failure

What does methanoic acid do to cause toxicity?

Inhibits mitochondrial function and causes metabolic acidosis

negative effect on heart and impairs breathing

What does Eth gly do to muscles?

Weakens them by chelating Ca needed for contraction = tetany

What do formepizole/ethanol do to correct EG poisoning?

Block conversion of EG into oxalic acid

How can the muscles problems be corrected in EG poisoning?

Infusion of Ca gluconate

What is used to correct poisoning by heavy metals?

Dimercaptrol, dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA)

What is used for iron toxicity?


What is used for Cu poisoning?


What is used for digoxin overdose?

Digoxin-specific antibodies

What is pralidoxime used for?

ACh esterase poisoning

That is used to reverse the formation of Met Hb?

Methylene blue

Reverse cyanide posining? (2)

Thiosulphate or sodium nitrate

What 2 things can be used for paracetamol poisoning?

methionine or N-acetylcysteine

Mechanism of action for pralidoxime?

Hydroxyl group of ACh esterase binding site preferably binds to pralidoxime and releases covalent bond between sarin and serine

What causes formation of MetHb? 2

Exposure to aromatic amines e.g. amiline and nitrobenzene

Local anaesthetics

what oxidation state is MetHb in?


Which enzyme converts cyanide to thiocyanate?


Thiosulphate reacts with cyanide to form what?

Thiocyanate anion