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Which of the following has been identified as correlating most closely with heart disease?
In which of the following areas does psychological research show most clearly that girls develop earlier than boys?
Adolescent physical growth spurt.
Developmental psychologists would most likely prefer longitudinal research designs to cross-sectional research designs because longitudinal designs
Utilize the subjects as their own experimental controls.
A young child breaks her cookie into a number of pieces and asserts that "now there is more to eat." In Piaget's analysis, the child's behavior is evidence of
Preoperational thought.
A school psychologist informs a ninth-grade teacher that Jimmy "identifies" with his twelfth-grade brother. What the psychologist means is that Jimmy tends to
Accept is brother's values and imitate his behavior.
According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, what is the correct order of the stages for confronting impending death?
Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.
When insulted by a friend, Sally's first inpulse was to strike him. Instead, she yelled loudly and kicked a door several times. This means of reducing aggressive impulses exemplifies which of the following?
Carl Jung is associated with which of the following concepts?
Collective unconscious.
Erikson's and Freud's theories of personality developement are most similar in that they both
Are based on stages.
Lawrence is pessimistic, rigid, and moody. In terms of Hans eysenck's personality dimensions, Lawrence would be classified as
The key distinction between personality trait and an attitude is
A diagnosis of schizophrenia typically includes which of the following symptoms?
The term "etiology" refers to the study of which of the following aspects of an illness?
Origins and causes.
An obsession is defined as
An unwanted thought.
A somatization disorder is characterized chiefly by
Physical complaints.
Personality disorders are characterized by which of the following?
Inflexible and maladaptive responses to stress, and problematic social relationships.
Research on the effectiveness of psychotherapy has indicated that
There are therapeutic methodds that have been shown to be especially effective for particular psychological disorders.
Which of the following kinds of therapy attempts to correct irrational beliefs that lead to psychological distress?
An individual undergoing psychotherapy shows improvement due only to that person's belief in the therapy and not because of the therapy itself. This result illustrates a
Placebo effect.
Which of the following can be a significant side effect of electroconvulsive therapy?
Temporary loss of memory.
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSIR's) are used primarily in the treatment of which of the following?
Similarity, proximity, and familiarity are important determinants of
Friendship Formation.
All of the following are true about altruism EXCEPT:
It is more likely to be inherited that is agressive behavior.
The bystander effect has been explained by which of the following?
Diffusion of responsibility.
According to Robert Sternberg, love is composed of which of the following?
Intimacy, passion, commitment.
Job satisfaction has an inverse relationship with
An attribution that focuses on an individual's ability or personality characteristics is described as
Which of the following is a true statement about the relationship between test validity and test reliability?
A test can be reliable without being valid.
Which of the following statistics indicates the distribution with the greatest variability?
A standard deviation of 11.2
True / False
A person is more likely to be altruistic when not in a hurry.
True / False
Altruism is more common in small towns and rural areas than in cities.
True / False
A person is more likely to perform an altruistic act when another person has modeled altruistic behavior?
True / False
A person is more likely to perform an altruistic act when another person has pointed out the need.