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The Sec. of War under Peirce


The opposite of war is calm like who?

Lee and Grant both served under him in the Mexican War.


Mexicans steriotipically do lawn work. What is a popular lawn feeder brand?

He was the Superintendent at West Point.


He was a very smart also a goody two shoes.

He captured Brown at Harper's Ferry.


Accomplished Soldier.

He hated the discipline of the military.


Kind of a bad as who bent the rules.

He was the president of the Confederacy.


Class president.

He was a not formally educated politician.


Ironic as a school is named after him

He was Lee's top assistant


Ironic that a stone wall has friends

He was in charge of the Confederate cavalry


I have no hint

he was in charge of the Confederate artillery


What did they have to roll the heavy weapons down ?

He was in charge of guerrilla warfare


This character and see Life of Zack and Cody kind of look like a monkey

These states stayed in the Union but still have slavery ( official title)

Border states

When you can't decide between two things you are on the blank of a decision

This was an important railroad center between Richmond and Washington DC


This word rhymes with another word that is associated with being slow the term being as slow as blank kind of funny that is a railroad center.

There were spectators at this battle

The first battle of Bull Run

Why would you sit next to a battle titled with such a scary animal

Jackson earned his nickname from this battle

The first battle of Bull Run

It would be funny to see this animal run into a stone wall

These were the tactics used early on in the war


Funny that America bought this man property but that we also used his war tactics

The 3 part strategy for victory in the Union

1) blockade all southern ports

2) take the Mississippi and Tennessee rivers

3) take Richmond as soon as possible

1) this plan is often used in battles also very effective

2) obviously some of the men might get thirsty while they're fighting

3) why wouldn't the North want to take the South's capital

This Union general won a series of battles Out West


Of course he did he's a badass

This battle was named after a church


Ironic that this is one of the bloodiest battles but is named after a church

He was the slow and cautious general


ironic that my doctor has the same name and he is also slow and cautious

The name of the Union ironclad

The USS Monitor

I mean the next did have a better vantage point it was obviously easier to SEE everything

The name of the Confederate ironclad

The Merrimack

I have no clue what I meant to put but it kind of sounds like Mac and Cheese I guess that's kind of Southern

This was the first submarine ever sink a ship

HL Hunley

It may have sunk a ship but it also suck its self and took a lot of tests ships that also sunk and lots of dead people which doesnt sound so great. but other than that I don't really have a clue for the name kinda sounds like Hensley but Hensley isn't really anything to do with the submarine lol

this is the battle that we lost his battle plan

The Second Battle of Bull Run

You must have thrown them away with the red flag

The 12 bloodiest hours of American history

The Battle of Antietam

That's weird ants don't draw blood when they bite you

He wanted to build a pontoon bridge over the river at Fredericksburg


They could just use his sideburns as rafts

He was killed at Chancellorsville

Stonewall Jackson

It's sad he got shot by one of his own men

He was the Union general at Gettysburg


Ironic that a kind of unknown general was the general for such a remembered war

The reason the Confederacy went to Gettysburg

It was rumored a shipment of shoes had just come in

Ironic that a big group of men were acting like a bunch of girls

let the famous charge of Gettysburg


Gettysburg was kind of a picket fence war

This document declared all slaves free

The 13th amendment

This battle was the turning point of the war


Grant had cut all of the supplies to starve the civilians at this place


where the Massachusetts 54th led the attack

Fort Wagner

This word means river of death


The union general that lead a march third georgia


This was the name of the famous Confederate prisoners of war camp

Andersonville Prison

Where the Confederacy finally surrendered

Appomattox Courthouse

This is also where the Civil War started

This is the building Lincoln was assassinated

The Ford's Theater

He assassinated Lincoln

John Wilkes Booth

Lincoln's famous speech

The Gettysburg Address

Four score and seven years ago

This amendment banded slavery

The 13th amendment

they used these to direct artillery fire

Hot air balloons