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Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederacy
Pendleton Murray
Governor of Tx. during the Civil War
Elisha Pease
tried to remain neutral during the war
Palmito Ranch
last battle of the Civil War; fought AFTER the surrender;
Confederacy won but the war was already over
Texas slaves were freed - June 19,1865
Richard Dowling
led the Davis Guards in victory at the Sabine Pass
martial law
military administrated law
Bull Run
first major battle of the war - Virginia
Albert Sidney Johnston
highest ranking Texan in the war and second highest Confederate
Ulysses Grant
Commander of the Union troops; 18th President of the United States
Abe Lincoln
President of the United States during the Civil War.
Robert E. Lee
Commanded the Confederate troops
Fort Sumter
Charleston, South Carolina; the war begins here on April 12, 1861
Hood's Brigade
led by John Bell Hood - Lee's finest soldiers
Terry's Texas Rangers
Texas regiment, fought in more battles than any other cavalry regiment
formal change to the constitution
former slaves
black codes
laws limiting the rights of African Americans
Effect of the Emancipation Proclamation
Stated that slaves in states in rebellion were freed - but those states did not recognize Lincoln as their president, so no slaves were freed at that time.
Texans that remained neutral during the war
Elisha Pease
Sam Houston
David G. Burnett
The location of Texas was important during the Civil War because. . .
Trade with Mexico
What was the Union's strategy during the Civil War?
Take control of the Mississippi River
How could a person who was drafted get out of serving in the war?
Get a substitute
What were some advantages of the North during the war?
-Railroads completed
-More factories -had more money
-Produced more food and weaponry
Causes of the Civil War
Slavery, Election of 1860, secession Sectionalism, states rights
What did Lee do after the war?
Lee became the president of Washington College
What did Grant do after the war?
Grant became the 18th President of the United States
April 12, 1861
war begins at Fort Sumter
April 9, 1865
War ends
April 14, 1865
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
December 20, 1860
South Carolina secedes
What initially caused the south to begin secession?
Election of 1860
Name the battles of the Civil War that took place in Texas
Sabine Pass, Palmito Ranch, Galveston
What territory did the United States gain from Mexico before the Civil War.?
Mexican Cession
What is the 13th amendment?
frees slaves
What is the 14th amendment?
What is the 15th amendment?
Right to vote
State's rights
the idea that each state had the right to determine whether or not to follow the federal law
Which state entered the Union as a free state after the Compromise of 1850?
period of time in which the South was rebuilt, re-organized, and seceded states were brought back into the Union.
Name the 11 Confederate states
Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia