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The two visual components of mise-en-scene are
design & composition
Composition is the organization, distribution, balance, & general relationship of stationary objects and color within the frame
Theatre is the foundation of film
Art mirrors or reflects life
“People who choose not to understand art, choose not to understand people”
Persistence of vision is the process by which the human brain retains an image for a friction of a second longer than the eye of records it.
The two visual components of mise-en-scene
design and composition
The most important decision that a filmmaker must make about setting is to determine casting for the production
Framing is what we see within dimensions of height and width that provide the shape of the movie’s image
A ‘closed frame’ is similar to a painting Note: Remember context is very important
An _____ frame is one that people and things can enter and leave
What allows us to accept theatre and/or art is a phenomenon called “_____ __ _____”
Willing suspension of Disbelief
A purifying or figurative cleansing of emotion is called
For each scene, the director and his team must plan the positions and movement of the actor, and the camera, and in rehearsal, familiarize the cast and camera operators with their plan -- a process known as ..
d. blocking
During the twenties, what were the two problems with incorporating sound of film?
d. amplification & synchronization
34.Which director showed that action could appear continuous from one shot to the next (cause& effect editing) also director of ‘Great Train Robbery’
Edwin S. Porter
The ____ is seen as the subject of the artwork.
What is the most famous propaganda film ever made to this date
d. Triumph of Will
What are the three stages to the developing & making of a film?
exhibition, production, post production
shapes are dynamic because they imply motion or tension
Movie theatre conventions are objects that make it clear to you that you
are located on the road
5. In shaping a movie mise en scene filmmaker determines two aspects of
composition framing.
evil actions are due to the void of empathy.
Movies manipulate influence span and time in ways that other art forms
Sometimes the way the actors, settings and décor in a movie look is the
most powerful impression we take away from first viewing.
The 2 aspects of composition
framing and kinesis
Expressionist films were characters by extreme stylization in their
sets, décor, acting, lighting, and camera angles
Framing also implies point of view.
a continuous mark.
An experience that is extremely important to enriching an event as well
as before and after an event can be very beneficial to life in general is
known as?
phenomenological experience
Observation skills
Sight sound taste touch smell
the most common misconception people have about motion picture business
concerns the item for consumption. To the viewer the item for consumption is
the body of work t other film executive the most important matter is? T
the color and texture of the interior decoration, furniture, draperies,
curtains and __________objects such as paintings, vases, flowers, silver,
tea, guns, fishing rods that help us understand the character by showing us
their preference in such things
“Black Mariah” was one of the first studios developed by
Thomas Edison.
Major motion picture studios controlled what 3 areas of the
entertainment business between the mid thirties and mid forties?
distribution, and exhibition
_______lens creates objects to appear large in the foreground and
smaller in the background.
The Frazier
____are major events or branching points in the plot structure that
force characters to choose alternative path.
9. What are the 3 specific kinds of duration?
Story duration, screening
duration, and plot duration
Gravity- A profound physical force that affects our responses to shapes
> and their relationship