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In the late 1700's what two countries displayed the spirit of revolution
France and the United States
St. donigue exported "what" to help make it the richest European colony
Coffee and sugar
who was the leader of the enslaved people who revolted in st. Domingue in 1791
Toussaint L'Overture
France voted to end "what" in its colonies and toussaint was made governor of Haiti
St. domingue became what country that was still ruled by the French
who led the fight for Mexican independence in 1810
Miguel Hidalgo
Who formed a congress which wrote the mexican constitution
Jose Moralos
Who did Mexico gain its independence from in 1821 and who became tthe emperior?
Spain gained independence and Augustin was the emperior.
what was the first Spanish colony in South America to deman freedom
When did Argentina declare its independence and whien did chile win its independence
1816 - Argentina and 1818 chile
Who sold land to the US and upset many Mexicans and what was it called.
Santa Anna and was called the Gadsen purchase
Who led the rebellion to overthrow Santa Anna
Benito Juarez
Why did the French decide to withdraw their troops from Mexico
they decided because it was becoming too costly
Who was part of the Triple Alliance against Parguay
Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil
What is the only South American country to win its independence without bloodshed
Who were two inportant leaders in the struggle for South American independence.
Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar.
The Kingdom of Guatamala included today's countries of
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatamala, Honduras and Nicuragua.
What wo disagreements ended the United Provinces of Central America?
Some people wanted a republic with elected leaders and

some people wanted a monarchy with a king
When Mexico became independent of Spain, many Spaniards left the country and took much of Mexicos'-----------
In 1821, Santo Domingo declared its indepeendence and named itself the
Dominican Republic.