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Land of Ordinance of 1785
a law pressed by congress to separate northwest territory (OH, IN, IL, MI, WI)
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
established the political organization of the Northwest Territory
Shay's Rebellion
When the farmers rebelled & objected against the debt and objected to sell their land. Rebellion caused by money shortage run by Daniel Shay.
Articles of Confederation
league of friendship in every state has freedom & independence. Run by congress which each state could vote. AoC gave congress important powers like they could declare war, raise an army of navy, print money and set up a postal system. Signed in 1787
Constitution Convention
A meeting in Philadelphia in 1787 which delegates from the states wrote the U.S. constitution
"Father of the Constitution"
James Madison came up with the father of constitution
a country governed by elected representatives
Virginia Plan
The Plan was written by James Madison. Which has more population has more votes
New Jersey Plan
a proposal for the structure of the united states Government proposed by William Patterson. Created in response to the Virginia plans call for two houses of congress both representation
the system of government of federal government in which a central government shares power with the states.