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What is the origin of the word Metis?
Bois Brule= burnt wood. Metis comes from the French word mixed
Why did the HBC NOT want its employees to marry?
Tehy did not want to support dependants. They enocuraged and tried to enforce a policy of "celibacy"
Why were the rules of the bison hunt so strict?
- protect the individuals and animals
- maintain order and discipline
What is a Metis?
A person of French and Native ancestory. Those of British and Native ancestory called themselves "country born" not Metis.
What is a Red River Cart
A two wheeled cart used on the prairie.
- very squeaky wheels
- used by Metis
Why did the Native elders encourage the women to marry trappers?
-to secure trade advantage
- improve standard of living
What is a seigneural pattern
-a way of dividing the land into long narrow strips about 10 feet wide.
- pattern followed by French
When did HBC merge with NWC?