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The most important feature of the modern idea of childhood is seperateness


Childhood is socially constructed, and there is no single universal childhood


In a Samoan village 'too young wasn't an excuse


In the middle ages the idea of childhood did not exist


High death rate in the past encouraged neglect and indifference towards children

Reasons for changes in the position of children?

•Laws restricting child labour

•the introduction of compulsory schooling

• Child protection(1889 prevention of cruelty to children act)

•Growth of children's rights

•Child centeredness=better standard of living

Arguments for improvement of children's position

March of progress-children and better protected by laws, vteer healthcare, education

•Family more child centred

Arguments against improvement of children's position

•Still inequalities among children

•Still inequalities between adults and children(Gittens 'age patriarchy')


Childhood is disappearing- being given same rights as adults

Mayer Hillman

Boys are more likely to be allowed out after dark and to ride bikes across the road ect


Childhood has always veen around and will aways be around

Sue Palmer

Toxic Childhood- argues the rapid technological change has damaged children's physical, emotional and intellectual development