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How did Mother and Father meet?
They met in Boston; one of Dad's cousin's introduced them.
What color hair did all of the children have?
Dad promised the children there would be no formal teaching during the summer. However, what was the one thing he wanted them to learn informally?
Morse Code
What was the job that Lill placed a bid on for only forty-seven cents?
To paint the fence.
What did Dad call the summer home?
The Shoe
How did Chapter 8 get the title Touch System?
Dad used a keyboard to teach the children how to type.
Who was the oldest child?
What was Father's occupation?
Motion study
What was Mother's occupation?
(Besides being a mom)
What was the questions the children asked when mother told them about flowers and bees?
Where do babies come from?
What was the Assembly Call?
Father blew a whistle and the children lined up in front of him.
Where did Mother grow up?
Oakland, California
Who wrote the book?
Frank and Ernestine Gilbreth?
Why did Dad want to videotape the Doctor removing the children's tonsils?
So he could study the tape and discover a more efficient way to perform the surgery.
How did the children get the nickname "Orphans in uniform"?
They were wearing white "dusters" one day when they went to town. People saw them and thought they were "orphans in uniform".
How many lighthouses did the Gilbreths have at the family summer home?
Why did the children run through the sprinkler with their new clothes on?
They hated the clothes.
When Billy was in the kitchen with the cook, he did something that was dangerous. What was it?
Billy pushed the cook in the oven.