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The River is a sequel to what book?
The Hatchet
a chopping tool
Brian and Derek land by a lake in what area?
The Canadian woods
What country?
Brian doesn't want the immense pile of gear unloaded from the plane. Why?
The survival wouldn't be real. They would always know that they had food or first aid supplies if they needed it.
All supplies are left on the plane except what?
the radio and briefcase
(2 items)
Brian and Derek each had whatever was in their pockets and a ___________ .
(What kind of tool?)
Did Brian have a hatchet with him?
How did Brian finally find a "fire rock"?
After Brian plummeted down a steep bank, he landed in the lake next to the rocks.
Something good came out of something bad!
What major event occurs during a huge storm?
Lightning strikes Derek and he is now in a coma.
What happens to Derek?
Why can't Brian radio for help?
The radio was "fried" in the storm by the lightning.
What does Brian find in Derek's briefcase that proves to be helpful?
The map of the Necktie River!
Why does Brian feel he must take Derek down the river and not just stay at the campsite and wait for help?
If he stayed at the campsite, Derek would die of thirst in a few days. The pilot would not return for a week to ten days to check on them.
What does Brian think will happen to Derek?
What kind of help did Brian think was about 100 miles down the Necktie River?
There would be people at the Brannock Trading Post.
Where were they headed?
How did Brian keep Derek from falling off the raft? Did this come in handy later? Why?
Derek was lashed to the raft with strips of Brian's jacket. This kept Derek secure to the raft when Brian was thrown off while traveling through the rapids.
While moving through the rapids, what happened to Brian?
The raft was being slammed into boulders and eventually hit one submerged under the surface. It threw Brian off the raft nearly drowning him. Finally, he was knocked unconscious.
After the rapids, Brian luckily regained consciousness, however, something was VERY wrong. What was it?
The raft was nowhere in sight! Derek was nowhere in sight!!
Why did Brian decide to swim down the river to look for the raft?
The bank of the river was too thick with plants and vines and the mud on the river bottom made it impossible to walk.
When Brian found the missing raft, what was Derek's condition?
He was alive and still in a coma.
Was he alive?
What happened after Brian heard a dog barking and saw a small dock?
He pulled up to the dock and cried for help. A small boy ran to get his parents to help them.
Who helped Brian?