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The "storm and stress" view of adolescence sees adolescence as a time of

Turbulence/Confilct/Mood Swings

Mary tells her husband that she is not looking forward to the time their son becomes an adolescent, because she has read that it is a time of great conflict and stress for the family. Which of the following theorists would agree with Mary's view of adolescence?

G. Stanley Hall

Mead believed that cultures in which adolescents' experiences are quite different from adults' experiences produce adolescents who

experience more stress.

Today's adolescents are more _____ than their counterparts of previous generations.


Marty, age 16, spends most of his leisure time text messaging his friends and watching YouTube. According to Mark Bauerlein, Marty's behavior is

typical of someone of his age.

Which of the following statements about stereotypes is NOT true?

*There are very few stereotypes related to adolescents./Stereotypes are difficult to give up once assigned./Stereotypes are generalizations about a broad category of people./Stereotypes describe a typical member of a specific group.

Howard is a manager of a fast-food restaurant that employs many adolescents. Howard tells his wife, "They are all self-centered mopes who have no work ethic!" Howard's statement about adolescents is

a stereotype.


involves growth./is complex./continues through the lifespan.

A key task of adolescence is

preparation for adulthood.

In the United States and most other cultures, adolescence begins at approximately _____ years of age.


Alex has begun dating and he is interested in taking a course called "Career Exploration" that will help him decide on a future career. Alex is probably in which period?

late adolescence

The transition from childhood to adolescence includes all of the following EXCEPT

*desire to spend more time with family./biological changes of puberty.//increased egocentric ways./greater interest in romantic relationships.

The transition from adolescence to adulthood has been referred to by Jeffrey Arnett as

emerging adulthood.

In the United States the most widely recognized marker for entry into adulthood is

holding a permanent, full-time job.

Ann Masten and her colleagues found that emerging adults who overcame adversity and went on to become competent adults had all of the following characteristics EXCEPT

*they were well-traveled./they were intelligent./they had high-quality parenting./they had a higher socioeconomic status.

Which of the following would a proponent of the nature approach to human development cite as evidence of the strength of genetics?

the fact that we grow rapidly in infancy

Carrie was abused by her parents. She was eventually removed from their care and was later adopted at age 6 by her foster parents. Which of the following doctrines would assert that Carrie's later quality of parental care can overcome her earlier negative experience?

later experiences

An interrelated, coherent set of ideas that helps to explain phenomenon and to make predictions is called

a theory.

Scientific assertions and predictions that can be tested are


Lilly is a researcher who wants to know how often high-school students are using their cell phones to cheat on tests. Lilly pretends to be a visiting student. She sits in on classes and observes students as they take tests. Lilly's method of research is known as

naturalistic observation.

Which of the following statements about using surveys to collect data is TRUE?

*People answer in ways that they see as socially desirable./Surveys are very expensive and time consuming to do./Surveys can only be done on a limited range of topics./All of these choices are correct.

Dr. Tremble sends out surveys to faculty at 57 randomly selected colleges to assess their perceptions of faculty harassment. This is an example of _____ research.


Which of the following correlation coefficients shows the weakest correlation?


The factor that is manipulated in experimental research is the

independent variable.

The variable that is measured and that is expected to change as a result of experimental research is the

dependent variable.

Which of the following statements about experimental research is NOT true?

*Experimental design uses experimental groups only./All experiments involve at least one independent variable and one dependent variable./Experiments demonstrate cause and effect./Experimental design uses experimental and control groups.

A disadvantage of longitudinal research is

it is expensive to conduct./it is time-consuming to conduct./participants who remain in the study may be dissimilar to those who dropped out.

Which of the following is NOT one of the APA's guidelines for ethical research?

full disclosure to participants regarding the exact nature of the research