Subjective Wellbeing Definition Essay

“Who am I? What I am doing with my life?” Many of us began asking these questions ourselves in the late stages of high school. The transition between childhood and full adulthood is a critical developmental period that must be completed to become ready to assume the major roles we play in society, typically after a period of “emerging adulthood”. (Larson, Wilson, Brown, Furstenberg, & Verma, 2002) (Arnett, 2000). It is in this stage named “Emerging adulthood” (usually from 18-25 years) we will attend to the issues that either create our identity and live out who we are or have no sense of any adult path (Belsky). Erikson created this into a psychosocial task known as “identity vs. role confusion”(Belsky). In Erikson’s time- the mid-20th century- young people had less choice in career path, marital status and political …show more content…
It is a course of thinking that results in an assessment of their perceived current status with their goals (McDowell, 2009). McDowell (2009) stated that ‘… well-being refers to contentment, satisfaction, or happiness derived from optimal functioning. This need not imply perfect function.’ (p.2). Subjective well-being is a term used when the emphasis is placed primarily on the overall hedonic tone of an individual’s life (Ryan & Deci, 2001). The most widely used instrument for assessing subjective well-being incorporates indices of life satisfaction, the presence of positive mood, and the absence of negative mood (Deiner & Lucas, 1999).- Waterman 2007. The assessment of subjective well-being allows respondents to provide global judgments of the quality of their life experiences without preconceptions as to where the emphasis is to be placed in making those assessments, when assessing psychological well-being the areas of life experiences evaluated were pre-established by the researchers employing a particular theoretical perspective.- waterman

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