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What begins when test is ordered and ends when testing begins?
Preanalytical Phase of Testing
Another name for Jaundice.
Resting state of body early in the morning after fasting 12 hours.
Basal State
Basal State is influenced by age, gender and what?
Conditions of body
Swelling caused by abnormal accumulation of fluid in tissues.
A swelling or mass of blood.
Surgical breast removal.
Veins may be deep and hard to find in what kind of person?
What is a catheter that is placed in an artery?
Arterial Line
What is the permanent, surgical fusion of an artery and a vein?
Arteriovenous Shunt or Fistula
What is a catheter or cannula connected to a stopcock/cap with a diaphragm?
Heparin or Saline Lock
What is a catheter that is inserted in a vein to administer fluids?
IV Line
What is it called when the arm of a patient is swollen with excess fluids?
Several short lengths of IV-type tubing protruding from a persons chest is called what?
(CVC) Central Venous Catheter
Tiny red spots that appear on a patient's arm when the tourniquet is applied are signs that the site may what?
Bleed excessively
Veins that feel hard and cord-like when palpated may be what?
What tests are most affected if the patient is not fasting?
Glucose and Triglycerides
Icterus, a condition characterized by increased bilirubin.
Condition of increased lipid content in the blood.
Term used to describe serum or plasma that has a milky look.
Stoppage or obstruction of normal lymph flow.
Tiny, nonraised red spots appearing on patient's skin.
Peripherally inserted central catheter.
Prior to analysis.
Word that means the same as preanalytical.
Normal lab test values for healthy individuals.
Reference ranges
Backflow of blood into the vein during venipuncture.
Hard, cord-like, and lacking resilience.
Relating to the action of a particular nerve on blood vessels.
Stagnation or stoppage of the normal blood flow.
Venous stasis
The NCEP recommends that lipid profiles be collected in a consistent manner after the patient has been either lying down or sitting for a minimum of how many minutes?
5 minutes
Never apply a BP cuff, tourniquet or perform venipuncture on an arm with a what?
Shunt or fistula
What is used to revive patients who have fainted and can have unwanted side effects?
Amonia inhalants
Why should you stop a venipuncture immediately?
If the patient is in extreme pain or asks you to remove the needle for any reason.
What can increase blood potassium levels up to 20%?
Hand or fist pumping
What is painful to the patient and can damage nerves or lead to inadvertent puncture of an artery?
What can cause liver inflammation caused by Hepatitis B or C Virus?
Never perform a venipuncture through what?
Who should access CVADs Line to draw blood?
Specially trained personnel
When should a blood test be stopped when drugs interfere?
4 to 24 hours prior to the test
What test is affected the most if collected from a crying infant?
WBC count
A loop under the skin between the wrist and the elbow, can be a what?
AV graft
What is the best place to collect a specimen if a patient has an IV in the left arm near the wrist and a hematoma in the antecubital area of the right arm?
Distal to the hematoma
What should you do if a patient starts to faint while you are in the middle of drawing a blood specimen?
Quickly release the tourniquet and remove the needle.
Where is the best place to perform a venipuncture if a patient has had a mastectomy on the left side and has an IV midway down the right arm?
Below the IV on the right arm
What is a word for blood loss to a point where life cannot be sustained?
Exsanguination or exsanguinate
What is a clue that you have accidentally punctured an artery instead of a vein?
The blood spurts into the tube.
What color is a serum or plasma of a hemolyzed specimen?
Pinkish to red
What can lead to failure to draw blood?
Choosing a vein that has patency.
What is the best way to keep a vein from rolling?
Make certain to anchor it well.
If no blood flows into the tube, other than making subtle needle adjustments what else can you do?
Try a new tube in case it is a vacuum problem.
What can affect test results?
What situation can result in hemoconcentration?
Leaving the tourniquet on over 1 minute.
What should phlebotomists never do to save time?
Underfill tubes
If the patient vomits, what should you do?
Terminate the procedure immediately.
After the patient regains consciousness from fainting, how long must they wait before operating a vehicle?
30 seconds to 1 minute
When is life threatened during an Iatrogenic Anemia?
If 10% or more of blood volume is removed at once.