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The definition of capital resources is
the money ,buildings, machines, and tools needed to run a buisness.
In the 1900's California met its needs for
water by building water projects.
Labor Unions are formed by groups of workers
want to get better working conditions.
Hiram Johnson helped reform California's government in the early 1900's by
passing new laws to control railroad prices,giving Californian's more control over their government, and by stopping government officials from taking bribes.
Unemployment is the
number of people without jobs.
World War 2 like World War 1 helped California's economy to
bring new people to the state.
Consumer goods is a
A product used for personal
During the Great Depression
there were few jobs and people had little money
the term used to give women the right to vote
Many people moved from the Dust Bowl area to California
because they wnated to find jobs and start a new life
are large pipes used to carry water from one place to another
a waterway dug across land
The Great Depression ended
due to the new jobs created by World War ii
The Great Depression was a time from 1929 through the 1930s when there were few jobs and people had little $
One in every 5 california workers did not have a job. People with jobs took less pay and worked in difficult conditions.
A person starting a new business must have 3 kinds of resources
natural resources (land, minerals, fuels)
human resources (workers)
Capital ($, buildings, machines or tools)
Three things that people of California did to help the war efforts of WWI and WWII
served in the Armed Forces
worked in factories to make ships, airplanes and goods
Grew food on farms for the US and allies
An atlas showing both historic andmodern railroads in California
is a secondary source of information
A letter written by a woman living in LA in 1945 telling how sher heard that WWII was over
is a primary source of information
A recent movie about Japanese relocation campes during WWII
is a secondary source of information
The business records of an aviation company in San Diego from the years 1944 and 1945
is a primary source of information
A film from 1937 about the first cars crossing the Golden Gate bridge
is a primary source of information
The diary of a child whose family moved from Kansas to California during the Great Depression
is a primary source of information
A book written in 1995 about the effort of women in the early 1900s to gain the right to vote
is a secondary source of information
An encyclopedia article about former California governono Hiram Johnson
is a secondary source of information