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Chemistry is the science that deals with the composition,structure,and properties of


Organic substance contain


An example of an inorganic substance is


Anything that occupies space is called


Solid,liquids,and gas are considered to be forms of

A substance

A substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances by chemical means is


The small part of a element that retains the characteristics of that element is a


When two or more atom are joined by a chemical bond, they form a


The three types of matter are solids,liquids,and


Properties that can be determined without chemical reaction and change in the identity of the substance are

Physical properties

The change that occurs in the burning wood through oxidation is

Chemical change

An example of physical change as it relates to hair services is

Temporary haircolor

An example of a chemical change as it relates to hair services is

Permanent haircolor

Elements and compounds are example of

Chemical substances

An examples of a pure substance is

Aluminum foil

An example of a chemical compound is


Pure hydrogen peroxide is a

Physical mixture

The four classifications of compounds are acids,bases,salt,and


When two or more elements combine physically in any proportions, they form a

Physical mixture

Two examples of a physical mixture are pure air and


The liquid that is considered to be the universal solvent is


Water is a compound composed of

Two hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom

The best type of water to use in the barber shop is

Soft water

Hard water can be softened by


Liquid soaps and other soaps lather easily in the presence of

Soft water

The ph of a liquid refers to it's degree of potential


The phone of a matter based solution measures it's degree of

Acidity or alkalinity

An ion is an atom or molecule that carries a

electrical charge

The hydrogen ion in water is


The hydroxide ion in water is


The phone range of hair and skin is

4.5 to 5.5

Acidic solutions will neutralize the effects of

Alkaline solutions

The chemical reaction that combines an element or compound with oxygen to produce to produce an oxide is


The process of removing oxygen from a substance is known as


Hydrogen peroxide is an example of a


In a redox reaction

The oxidizer is reduced and the reducing agent is oxidized

A mixture of two or more substance that is made by dissolving a solid, liquid, or gaseous substance in another substance is known as a


A substance that is dissolved into a solvent is known as the


The substance that dissolves the absolute is known as a


An example of a suspension is

hair oil tonic

An example of emulsion is

A shampoo product

Substance that act as a bridge to allow oil and water to mix or emulsion are called


Cosmetic preparations that cause the contraction of the skin tissues are

fresheners, astringent and facial toners

The basic purpose of a cold cream is to

Clean the skin

Moisturizing cream causes the skin to


Preparation that temporary remove superfluous hair by dissolving it at the skin line are


Preparation, such as wax,that remove hair by pulling it out of the follicle are a type of


Scalp lotions and ointment usually contain

Medicinal agents

The primary ingredient in cryptic powder or liquid is


Shaving soaps used in the barbershop usually contain animal or vegetable oil, water, and

alkaline substances

Witch hazel is a solution that acts as a


Suntan lotions are measured according to their


The main purpose of shampoo is to

cleanSe the hair and scalp

Shampoo products should be selected according to the

condition of client's hair and scalp

The condition of the hair and scalp is most influenced by the shampoo product

Acidity or alkalinity

Solution that shrink, constrict, and harden the cuticle scales usually have

acidic phone leave

Solution that soften, swell, or expand the cuticle scales usually have a

Alkaline phosphatase level

Shampoo products are usually manufacturing in a the form of


The usual phone range of shampoo is

4.5 to 7.5

The main ingredients in a shampoo product are

Water,buffers, and binders

He portion of the shampoo molecule that attracts wAter and repels dirt is the


The portion of the shampoo molecule that attracts dirt and repels water is the


The type of shampoo that is very effective in reducing dandruff is the

Therapeutic medicated shampoo

A shampoo formulated to prevent the stripping of permanent hair color from hair is


Shampoos that are designed for oily hair and scalp are often

Balancing shampoos

Shampoo products designed to cut through product build up are usually

Clarifying shampoos

Mild cream shampoos that contain humectants are known as

Balancing shampoos

Special chemical agents designed to deposit protein or moisture in the hair are


The basic types of conditioners include all of the following except

Leave in

Finishing, detangling,and cream rinsed are example of

Leave in conditioners

Conditioners that draw moisture into ha I contain


Conditioners that penetrate the cortex to replace lost keratin are

Leave in conditioners

Concentrated protein in heavy cream base moisturizer is usually a

Deep conditioner

Leave in conditioners

should not be rinsed out, may be used with thermal tools, and help to equalize porosity

Rinsed that are formulated to control minor dandruff and scalp conditions are

Medicated rinse

A rinse designed to counteract yellowish or dull gray tone in the hair is a

Bluing rinse

A cosmetic solution that can stimulate the scalp, correct a scalp condition, or be used as a

Hair tonic

The usual phone range of hair conditioners is

3.0 to 5.5

Tonic emulsion containing lanolin and mineral oils for use in styling are.

Cream tonics

A hair tonic that may contain an antiseptic is

Non alcoholic tonics, and alcoholic tonics