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Cognitive psych is the branch of pysch that focuses on the study of

Human thinking

Which of the following is an example of a prototype for the concept of leadership on an athletic team?

The star player

Which of the following is an example of a an artificial concept?

A triangles area

Artificial concept- defnied by a very specific set of characteristics

An event schema is also known as a cognitive


Event schema- set of behaviors that are performed the same way each time

(Blank) provides general principles for organizing words into meaningful sentences


(Blank) are the smallest unit of language that carry meaning


The meaning of words and phrases is determined by applying the rules of


(Blank) is the basic sound units of a spoken language


Specific formula for solving a problem is called

An algorithm

A mental shortcut in the for of a general problem-solving framework is called?

A heuristic

Which type of bias involves becoming fixated on a single trait of a problem

Anchoring bias

Which type of bias involves relying on a false stereotype to make a decision?

Representative bias

Fluid intelligence is characterized by

Being able to see complex relationships and solve problems

Which of the following isnt one of Gardner's Multiple intelligences?


Which theorist put forth the triarchic theory of intelligence?


When you are examining data look for trends, which type of intelligence are you using most?


In order for a test to be normed and standardized it must be tested on

A representative sample- subset of the population that accurately represents the general population

The mean score for a person with an average IQ is


Who developed the IQ test most widely used today?

David Wechsler

The DSM-5 now uses (blank) as a diagonistic label for what was once referred to as aental retardation

Intellectual disability

Where does high intelligence come from?

Genetics and environment (both A and B)

Arthur Jensen believed that

Genetics was solely responsible for intelligence

What is a learning disability?

A neurological disorder

Which of the following statements is true?

There are many factors working together to influence an individuals intelligence level