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Attachment theory

The view that infants are biologically predisposed to form emotional bonds with caregivers and that the characteristics of those binds shape later social and personality development

Internal models

Clear idea of their relationship with parents and other key adults in their life. By age 5, should have an internal model of caregiver, self model, and a model of relationships

Trust versus mistrust

The first 2 years in which an infant learns to trust the world around him or become cynical about the social environment's ability to meet his needs

Separation anxiety

Expressions of discomfort, such crying, when separated from an attachment figure

Secure attachment

A pattern of attachment in which an infant readily separates from the present, seeks proximity when stressed, and uses the parent as a safe base for exploration


A pattern of responding to people and objects in the environment


Inborn predisposition such as activity level, that form the foundations of personality


The degree to which an infant's temperament is adaptable to his or her environment and vice versa

Subjective self

An infant's awareness that she or he is a separate person who endures through time and space and can act on the environment

Objective (categorical) self

A toddler's understanding that she or he is defined by various categories such as gender or qualities such as shyness

Emotional self

The ability to identify changes in emotions expressed on other's faces