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Northwest Passage

-1500's Europe try to find route to riches

-south route, to difficult; wanted water way through north america

- John Cabot found island on accident, looking for passage, of the cost of Canada

Exploring for France

-french sent italian, Giovanni da Verrazano to find NW passage

-he went from the carolinas to canada

-1530's;Jacques Cartier(French), traveled halfway the St. Lawrence

Henry Hudson

-Hudson(Dutch) sailed to NY, w/ is boat half moon

-next year he sailed for english, far up north

-after a harsh winter, his crew rebelled and 7 crew members and his son were sent adrift; never seen again

failure and succes

-no one found the passage to ASIA

-the explores did map North America

-rulers of western europe thought of harvesting rich resources

rivalries among european nations

-europe countries started to fight over resources

-religious rilveries made it worse

- the roman catholic church(westerneurope) was divided into christians

Religious divisions

-monk(martin luther) disagrees with catholic church and split from it, bc too worldly and thought of eternal life from good works

-people like him were called Protestants, and made movement called Protestant Reformation which made new churches

-spain and france(catholic), Dutch people and english queen were protestants

rivalries in the americas

-europeans settled in america with their religious fights

-Queen Elizabeth wanted people to raid the Spaniards for treasure

-english protestants fought with french churches

-not all fights religious, half were over land and markets

New France

-Samuel de champlain founded port Royal, first N american French permanent settlement (1605)

-3 years later, lead group where Cartier pioneered

-above St. Lawrence, Chaplain built trading post

economy of new france

-little gold&silver, more fishing, trapping and trading

-french workers in woods called coureurs de bois or runners of the woods

-french traded knives, kettles, cloth etc. for beaver skins and furs

-coureurs de bois nice to indians, indians liked them taught them survival skills

missionary work

-Catholic missionaries traveled w/ fur traders

-missionarie is person who goes to new land to teach their religion

-french missi. taught Christianity to native americans and drew maps

gov. of new france

-french king ruled gov. directly, people had little freedom

-council (made by king) made all decisions

-Louis XIV worried few french in new france so he sent many farmers and women to colony(1660)

-New france grew slowly, 10,000 peeps in colony; only a third were farmers the rest coureurs de bois

New netherland

-Peter Minuit led dutch group through hudson, found manhattan called new amsterdam

-other dutch went farther up hudson, made colonies (now known as NY)

-trading post on hudson, most popular post fort orange (albany)


rivalry over furs

-dutch sent furs hom, french and dutch became rivals with french

-both wanted to be friends with native americans

-dutch+iriqois vs french+hurons

dutch ways in north america

-dutch brought costumes, ice skate on frozen rivers, christmas (St. Nick)

-some dutch words are same in english, boss, yachts,sleighs and cookies

impact on native americans
-european settlements made changes on N americans

-european diseases killed lots people

-furs started fights and over trapping