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the first artificial satellite launched into orbit by the Soviet Union in 1957
Green Revolution
a movement where scientists applied new technology to increasing food production for the world's growing population
slum on the outskirts of a city that lacks basic services, such as running water
one who stresses the fundamental, or basic values of his or her faith
liberation theology
movement in the 1960s and 1970s urging the Roman Catholic Church to take a more active role in changing the social conditions that contributed to poverty and oppression in Latin America
feminist movement
a movement that sought access for women to jobs and promotions, equal pay for equal work, and an end to sexual harrassment on the job
business and trade conducted over the internet
genetic engineering
altering of the chemical code carried by all living things
How has urbanization affected people in developing nations?
- people move to shantytowns
- urban crimes and drugs are always present
- poor services
Describe two changes in the roles and rights of women
- women were granted the rights to vote
- women fought for more pay and more rights in the workplace
- got high profile jobs as business owners and esecutives, astronauts, scientists and technicians
How have three developments in science or technology affected the modern world?
- e-commerce contributed to ecomomic growth and vitality
- access to computers widened gap between the north and south
- genetic engineeering produced new drug treatments
- new satellites have created more space exploration
How did American influences shape a new global culture?
- modern communication tech. such as radios and tvs put everyone in touch
- western movies and tech used in other countries
- the novel was adapted
- restoring history