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Return is total income, both direct cash flow and indirect benefits such as depreciation and appreciation


Using borrowed money (financing) to yield higher returns


The increace in property value

Income property

Properties held for producing income as well as for a profit on its sale

Cash flow

Spendable income generated from an income property


The practice of holding and refinancing property, using its equity and appreciation buildup, rather than selling or exchanging already-owned properties and an investors holdings can be increased without investment of any additional capital


Capital gains taxation deferred by a like-kind property when capital gains when completely used to cover second property

Capital gains

A taxable profit on an investment; in real estate, its the difference between the adjusted basis of property and its net selling price


The investors initial cost for the real estate

Adjusted basis

Is the capital gain taxable as income

Depreciation (Investor)

An accounting concept that allows an investor to recover the cost of an income producing asset by way of tax deductions over the period of the assets useful life

Tax credit

A direct reduction in tax due, rather than a deduction from income before tax is computed

Installment sales

A taxpayer who sells real property and receives payment on a installment basis, in which is paid over a period of years, may report any profit on the transaction year by year as it is collected

Marginal tax rate

The rate which the top dollar is taxed


The joint together of two or more people or firms to carry out one or more business projects

Real estate investment syndicate

A form of business venture in which a group of people pool their resources to own and/or develop a particular piece of property

Real estate investment trust (REITs)

A trust account for a real estate investment syndicate in which investors can take advantage of the same tax benefit as mutual fund investors

Bill of sale

A certificate of transfer of personal property

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

The body of law that regulates and governs the transfer of personal property

Bulk Transfer Act

is a law to protect business creditors. It provides that if a buyer of a business notifies the creditors of the seller in advance that it is buying the seller's assets, then the buyer will not be liable to those creditors for the debts and obligations of the seller.


The difference of cost; when the property being bought, the replacement property, cost less than the one being sold