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Funerary Banner, China

Incense Burner, China

Shakyamuni Buddha, China

Paradise of Amitabha, China

Travelers among mountains, China

Foguang pagoda, china


A person's relationship with nature. Isolation from the city is encouraged in order to reach enlightenment. Dao= "the way".


Established by a man named Confucius. When his family fell on hard times he set out in a rather self serving way for a philosophy that would maintain a hierarchical order of society to prevent suffering.


An Asian temple that holds sacred writings and relics. Thought to be a cross between Indian temples and Buddhist stupas.

Period of Disunity

For 300 years China was divided politically into competing states. This is also called the period of 6 dynasties. During this time Buddhism became more popular during the Han dynasty. People were attracted this religion because of the upheaval of the times, and the promise of paradise, or a "pure land"

Pure Land Buddhism

People hope to achieve enlightenment and salvation through the Amitabha buddha

Silk Road