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The Buddhist teaching of nonviolence.
What is Ahimsa?
Who were the Aryans?
People who invaded India in 1500 B.C.E.
the descent of Hindu deity to earth; incarnation.
Avatar is?
Act of devotion to a god or the gods in general.
What is Bhakti?
A Buddist saint.
Bodhisattva is?
According to Hindu belief, the underlying reality of the world.
What is Brahman?
What is a caste system?
A Hindu system of organizing class distinctions.
One of the two main strains of Chinese buddhism. More strict than Mahayana.
Hinayana is?
For Buddists, their destiny as determined by their actions.
What is karma?
Mahayana is?
Other main strain of Chinese buddhism. More worldly than Hinayana.
Nirvana is?
The extinction of individual suffering and absorption into the Buddhist supreme spirit.
Outcasts are?
The lowest category of the caste system. The Untouchables.
What are the untouchables?
Outcasts. The lowest category of the caste system.
What is puja?
The act of prayer in the home in front of a small alter.
What is sangha?
A buddhist monastery.
What is Sanskrit?
Language spoken by the Aryans?
Stupa is?
A large buddhist shrine, often in the from of a tower or mound.
What is Tao?
Means "the way". The central teaching of Taoism. Followers follow their own way.
Around 3000 B.C.E in the Indus Valley.
When did the Indus Valley people first appear and where?