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Where did Henry David Thoreau live?
Walden Pond
Who was the author of the House of Seven Gables?
Nathanial Hawthorne
Who was the founder of the Troy Female Seminary in New York?
Emma Willard
Who was the editor of the North Star?
Fredrick Douglass
What was the name of the colony in western Aferica?
Who founded the New England Anyi-Slavery Society in 1833?
William Lloyd Garison
Who started the women's rights movement with Elizabeth Cady Stanton?
Lucretia Coffin Mott
Who led the common school movement?
Horace Mann
Who wrote poems about loneliness, love and death?
Emily Dickinson
What was the site of the 1848 women's rights convention?
Seneca Falls, New York
"Rip Van Winkle" was written by....
Washington Irving
Edgar Allen Poe is known for stories that delt with ...
The Song of Hiawatha was written by...
Henery Wadsworth Longfellow
Ralph Waldo Emerson disliked...
In 1837 Oberlin College admitted...
Temperance was strongly supported by...
the South
The Shakers were a...
religious groups
More than 300 enslaved people gained their freedom though the work of...
Harriet Tubman
Susan B. Anthony was a...
Lucy Stone graduated from...
Oberlin College
What was the significance of the meeting at Seneca Falls?
This ws the first Women's Rights Convention. This was the beginning of an organized women's rights movement. After this meeting many states granted women the right to own land, and to keep their wages. They wanted to gain the right to vote, however they did not get that right