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What is imperialism?
the policy in which stronger nations extend their economic, political, and military control over weaker territories
Why did the USA want to imperialise?
Military expansion and naval bases, new market for goods, wanted to civilize inferior people
What was the McKinley Tariff?
made it more expensive to import products
Why did Americans want to annex Hawaii?
To remove the sugar duty, wanted naval base in Pearl Harbor
What was the Anti-Imperialist League?
A group of people who were against imperialism. Thought it was wrong to rule someone without their consent
What is the Teller Amendment?
United States has no intention of taking over Cuba
What did the US military government provide for Cuba?
Food, clothing, schools, sanitation
What is the Platt Amendment?
Provisions to the Cuban Constitution set forth by the United States
What four things were included in the Platt Amendment?
No treaties to limit Cuban independence, United States had intervention rights, Cuba could not go into debt it could not repay, United States could have naval stations in Cuba
What is a protectorate?
A country whose affairs are partially controlled by a stronger power
Who is Emilio Aguinaldo?
A Filipino rebel leader that wanted freedom
What was the Philippine - American War?
The United States forced Filipinos into designated areas where they died from disease. The war was costly of money and lives
What were the Open Door notes?
A policy for imperialist nations to share trading rights with China that was proposed by John Hay
Who were the Boxers?
Chinese people who wanted to rid China of Europeans and Christians
What was the Russo-Japanese war?
Russia and Japan fought over control of Manchuria and Korea
Who ended the Russo-Japanese War, and how did he do it?
Teddy Roosevelt helped the two sides sign a peace treaty
What was the Panama Revolution?
The US helped Panama gain independence from Colombia
What did the United States gain from the Panama Revolution?
The Panama Canal Zone
What was the Monroe Doctrine?
Demanded European powers stay out of Latin American countries
What was the Roosevelt Corollary?
Explained that the United States would use force to enforce the Monroe Doctrine if necessary
Who was Pancho Villa?
A rebel leader in Mexico who revolted against Carranza's government
Who was John J Pershing?
The man who was ordered to invade Mexico and find Pancho Villa
What impact did the United States have on Hawaii?
They forced Sanford B. Dole to be the Hawaiian president
What impact did the United States have on the Philippines?
They forced people into concentration camps and eventually gave them them independence
What impact did the United States have on Puerto Rico?
They sent in their military for protection and gave Puerto Ricans United States citizenship
What impact did the United States have on Cuba?
They made it a major protectorate, though had no intention of taking over
Who was William Randolph Hearst?
a yellow journalist who exaggerated the news to fuel the fire for the Spanish-American war
Who was José Martí?
A Cuban rebel leader who destroyed American property