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Morril Land Grant Act
act that created the land grant colleges for the study of agriculture
homestead act
gave 160 acres to ayone who would liveon the land out west
name given to the blakc americans who settled in the west after the Civil War
5 problems farmers faced in the west
1. lack of wood
2. no water
3. Indians
4. range wars
5. nature
what people built their houses out of when they had no wood
Joseph Gilden
inventor of barbed wire
Dry farming
technique of growing/raising crops in areas that received very little rain
Treaty of Ft. Laramie
Said settlers could travel through indian land as along as they didn't stop and settle
land set aside by the government for indians to settle on
Battle of Little Big Horn
take place in the lower part of Montana ak Custards last stand, a sioux indina victory over the troops of General Custard army
Colt 45
the gun that won the west
Buffalo soldiers
name the indians gave to the black soliders who went out west to fight
battle of wounded knee
considered to be the last of the indian battles in which over 200 unarmed indians were killed by the government
ghost dance
a belief among reservation indinas that if they danced long enough, the spirits of the warriors would return and they would get their lands back
Dawes act
gave 160 acres of reservation land to the head of each indian family fi they would become americanized
joseph mccoy
man that started the railheads for the shipping of cattle
long drive
moving of cattle from distant ranges to the rairoad centers that shipped them to the market
trails used by cowboys
goodnight loving trail
western trail
chisholm trail
sedalia trail
shawnee trail
bonanza farms
large farms controlled by large businesses and run by professionals
placer mining
where you pan for gold
comestock load
largest sivler mine ever discovered in the United States
Klondike Strike
last gold strike in America (alaska)
Levi Strauss
made clothing for miners and farmers
John Cash Penny
Started the golden ruled store provided supplies for th eminers
dime novels
little bookst hat built up the mystic legends of the west
first national park in America
the government said there was no longer a frontier in America