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Obtain liquor illegally drinkers went underground


John t. Scoopes challenged a tennessee lae that forbade the teaching of


It was difficult to enforce the laws governing prohibition for all of the following reasons except

Prohibition banned only alcoholic beverages manufactured in the u.s

Harlem renaissance refers to

A celebration of african american culture in literature and art

Fundamentalists believed that

The bible shoukd be taken literally

The NAACP did all of the following except

Propose the african americans move back to africa

The main factor causing urban sprawl in the 1920s was

The automobile

Which of the following best states the primary goal of prohibitionist

Alcohol in the society

Except for. Alcohol cause all of the following according to most fundamentalists

Goverment corruption

Except for all of the following allowed women to shed old rolls in the 1920s

Work opportunities provided by the new industrial economy

The. Fought for legislation to protect african american rights under the leadership of

NAACP, and James Weldon Johnson