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prologue (noun) pro'log'
the introduction to a literary or artistic work. an introductory event

contradict (verb) kon'tra-dict
to say or put forth the opposit of something

That guy guy got fired because he always contradict his boss in front of coworker.
invoke (verb) in'vok
to call in assistance, to call upon

South VietNam invoked the US army during VietNam war.
dictator (noun) dik'ta-ter
a ruler with total authority

Hitler is a dictator who kill all Jewish people.

vociferous (adj)
crying out noisily, speak loudly

My neighbor are too vociferous with shouting and crying so loud.

loquacious (adj) lo-kwa'shes
very talkative

My loquacious friend can not stop talking.
ecology (noun) i-kol'e-je
a relationship of living things and their environment, the study of this relationship

I took a class about ecology so that I have to study about the relationship of people.
colloquial (adj) ke-lo'kwe-el
informa; conversation or expression

We can not use colloquial way of saying in writing.
revoke (verb)
to cancel or withdraw

The police revoked the license of the drunk man.
advocate (verb) ad've-kat
to urge publicy, to recommend
a person who publicy urge a cause
The phone dealer advocate me a good phone.
monologue ( noun) mon'e-log
a speech or performance by one person.

I don't like to monologue in front of everyone by myself.
demographic (adj) dem'e-graf-ik
referring to the study of population characteristic

Demographic studied show that single mother in Vietnam are increase since 1995.
edict (noun) e'dikt
an oder or decree
I edicted my sister to stay home and she has to listen to me.
graphic (adj) graf'ik
referring to drawing or artistic writing, described vividly

My calculator can create graphics so that I dont need to do them by hand.
epigram (n) ep'i-gram
a short, clever saying, often a rhyme.