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Human Rights
Inalienable rights such as life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that one is entitled to because one is human
Natural Law
Universal moral standards that support individual rights
Magna Carta
Monarch was forced to give feudal lords certain liberties
Charter Rights
Result of a political contract and are limited to the parties to the contract ad restricted in time and space
Liberal Account of Rights
Belief that humans have inherent rights that the state has a responsibility to protect
Standards of Civilization
19th century European discourse about which values and norms made a country civilized or barbaric and uncivilized
Humanitarian Intervention
The use of military force by external croups to end a threat to a people within a sovereign state
International Political Economy
Involves the interplay of economics and politics in world affairs
A denial of choices and opportunities a violation of human dignity lack of basic capacity provided by material possession or one to participate effectively in society
World band group
Collection of 5 agencies that promotes development in medium and low-income countries with project fans structural adjustment programs and advisory services

World Trade Organization

Permanent institution to replace the GATT, greater powers of enforcement and a wider agenda, covering services, intellectual property and investment issues as well as merchandise trade