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Herbert Hoover

Republican - 1929-1933

Prosperity around the corner, smoot hawley tariff act, Hoovervilles

FD Roosevelt

Democrat - 1933-1945

New Deal, 1st 100 days, fireside chats

Harry s Truman

Democrat - 1945-1953

Red scare, Suburbanization

John F Kennedy

Democrat - 1961-1963

New frontier, Supported civil rights, Assassinated.

Lyndon B Johnson

Democrat - 1963-1969

Great society, Vietnam

Richard Nixon

Republican - 1969-1974

Watergate scandal

Ronald Reagan

Republican - 1981-1989

Trickle down economics (Reaganomics)

Star wars project

Bill Clinton

Democrat - 1993-2000

Highest sustained economic growth in American history, Monica Lewinsky scandal

The Wall Street Crash 1929

The American stock market crashed. Stocks fell in price which meant people were selling them leading to even lower prices causing the crash.

The New Deal

The first 100 days. Roosevelt closed the Banks for 10 days so that they could re-open with assets. Alphabet agencies were created.


America entered the war in 1940 and was the only country that actually benefited from the war.


Families moved out of the big cities to smaller towns. They had smaller neighbourhoods, big supermarkets and local churches.


It was a campiagn lead by Joe McCarthy against communism.

The New Frontier

Made by JFK and promoted civil rights, helping the poor and provided medical care.

The Great society

Made by LBJ amd promoted civil rights, helping the poor and provided medical care. These were actually carried out by LBJ.


Nixon tried to rig the polls so that he could continue being president but when he was found out he was kicked ou and Ford took over.


Reagan thought that if he pumped money into big businesses they would employ more people but it backfired.

Changes in popular culture

Cinema, motor car, television, information technology. They all became popular as they were cheaper and more readily available.


They enjoyed new music and films. They had invented their own fashion. They grew their hair long and rebelled against their parents.

Role of women in the USA

In the 1960s women were paid less than men and were still not equal to men. After the 1960s more rights were given out to women.