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In the Lean system approach, as a system improves, it should have __________ inventory on hand.


As Lean systems thinking is implemented, the amount of training that employees receive:

Tend to increase

When lean systems are implemented:

Fixed and variable costs both tend to decrease

In a lean system,'waste' is any action that:

does not generate value

John Jones is a plant manager. He believes his plant is "guilty of waste of overproduction". Which of the following symptoms might he have observed that led to this belief?

Excess inventory

We observe a man working on a setup. During the process of setting up, the man positions the die at a first position. He then runs through a few pieces to check whether or not they are acceptable. He then repositions the die and repeats the process. What we have observed is which of the following forms of waste?

processing waste

Most of the tools and techniques used in lean systems seek to:

reduce variability from the system

Achieving the goal of producing at the output rate which matches the rate of customer demand is the goal of:

Takt time flow balancing

A production Kanban:

Authorizes a worker to replenish an empty bin

Zanadu Corp. produces several different colors of product on a single production line. It used to take several hours to switch colors but now it has found a way to prepare for changing colors in a few minutes. This was most likely accomplished by:

converting internal to external setups

In our accounting department one of the actions taken by a clerk has been to identify the most frequently used forms and to put them in an area where they can be easily accessed. The other less frequently used forms have been tagged and put in their own separate area. This action likely occurred from the use of which lean tool?

A 5-S program

A standard electrical plug fits into an outlet in only one way because one of the two prongs is larger than the other. This ensures that people will insert the plug properly to create a grounded circuit. This is an example of:


Lean systems application have found the most acceptance and adoption in:

in manufacturing firms

Applying lean system to supply chain relationships has which of the following risks?

it makes the supply chain more vulnerable to performance breakdowns

Johnson Corp. has so strongly embraced the lean philosophy that it wants to apply the approach to all processes in the organization. Doing this may actually have the most severe negative impact on:

radical product innovation