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right to vote
synonym for the right to vote
the potential voting population
citizens denied the right to vote
foreign-born residents who have not become citizens are generally denied the right to vote in the country
persons who plan to live in a State for only a short time, from gaining legal residence status there
state law directs local election officials to review the lists of registered voters and to remove the names of those who are no longer eligible to vote
poll books
official lists of qualified voters in each precinct
a person's ability to read and write
the practice of drawing electoral district lines in order to limit the voting strength of a particular group or party
a court order that either compels or restrains the performance of some act by a private individual or public official
the prior approval by the US Justice department of any and all changes to election laws in certain states
off-year elections
congressional election that occurs between presidential election years
ballot fatigue
the phenomenon by which voters cast fewer votes for offices listed toward the bottom of the ballot
political efficacy
one's own influence or effectiveness on politics
political socialization
the process by which people gain their political attitudes and opinions
gender gap
measurable differences between the partisan choices of men and women today
party identification
loyalty of people to a political party
straight-ticket voting
the practice of voting for candidates of only one party in an election
split-ticket voting
voting for candidates of different parties for different offices at the same election
a term used to describe people who have no party affiliation
13th amendment
forbids slavery in the United States in any area under its control
14th amendment
provides for the acquisition of United States citizenship by birth or by naturalizationt
15th amendment
change to the US constitution that extended the right to vote to slaves and African Americans
poll tax
device requiring payment as a qualification for voting
Civil Rights Act of 1964
forbade discrimination on the basis of sex as well as race in hiring, promoting, and firing
general requirement for voting in which people are required to sign up before they are eligible to vote
Voting Rights Act of 1965
important law passed by congress that eliminated the use of literacy tests as a voting qualification and increased the power of the national government to help victims of historical discrimination vote in elections