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Unlike revolutions in other latin american countries, Haiti's fight for freedom was fought primarily by


Which revolutionary leader helped Argentina and Chile win freedom from Spain

Jose De San Martin

In Bismarck's practice of Realpolitik, his political actions were guided by

The needs if the state

William II asked Bismarck to resign because

William II wanted no rivals

Bismarck introduced many social reforms in Germany because he wanted to

Avoid a socialist revolution

When Italy unified, what form of government did it take?

A constitutional monarchy

What was the largest obstacle to Italian unity

People identified themselves with their local regions

Tsar Alexander II launched a program of Russification, in which he

Suppressed non-Russian cultures within the empire

The Dual Monarchy was a combination of what two countries

Austria and Hungary

What was the major obstacle to progress in Russia in the 1800s?

They had a rigid social structure

After the defeat of Napoleon I, the congress of Vienna created the German Confederation headed by what country?


Bismarck became the king's highest official when he assumed the title of


In the Kulturkampf, Bismarcks goal was to

Reduce the power of the catholic church

During the struggle for italian unification, the "red shirts" were forces made up of