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A substance to be dissolved or diluted. It can be in solid or liquid form


A substance (liquid) that dissolved another substance to prepare a solution. Diluent is a synonymous term.


The mixture resulting from a solute plus a solvent.

To prepare a therapeutic solution, you will need to...

Add a solvent or diluent (usually NAcL or sterile H2O) to a solute (solid substance, or concentrated stock solution) to obtain the required strength of a stated volume or solution.

The process of reconstitution is comparable to the preparation of...

Hot chocolate from a powdered mix

Solution strength indicates....

The ratio of solute to solvent

2 types of reconstituted parenteral solutions

Single and multiple strength

Simplest type to dilute is...

Single-strength solution

When reconstituting multiple-dose injectable medications...

Verify the length of drug potency

Ratio of 10mg/10mL

1:1 ratio

Order: penicillin G potassium 300,000 units IM q.6h

Supply: 50,000 units/mL

300,000/50,000 * 1 mL = 6/1 mL

Give: 6 mL

Order: penicillin G potassium 300,000 units IM q.6h

Supply: 250,000 units/mL

300,000/250,000 * 1mL = 6/5 mL = 1.2 mL

Give: 1.2 mL

Order: penicillin G potassium 300,000 units IM q.6h

Supply: 500,000 units/mL

300,000/500,000 * 1 mL = 3/5 mL = 0.6 mL

Give: 0.6 mL

Order: methylprednisolone 200 mg IV q.6h

Supply: 500 mg per 8 mL

(500 mg vial of powdered methylprednisolone for IM or IV injection; reconstitute with 8 mL Bacteriostatic Water for Injection with Benzyl Alcohol...)

200/500 * 8mL = 16/5 mL = 3.2 mL OR 500/8 = 62.5 & 200/62.5 =3.2 mL

Give: 3.2 mL

Order: ceftriazone 250 mG IM q.12h

Supply: 350 mg/mL

250/350 * 1mL =25/35 = 0.714 mL = 0.71 mL

Give: 0.71 mL