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Who was America's first multimillionaire?
John Jacob Astor
Which hero of the Battle of San Jacinto became the first president of Texas?
Sam Houston
In the election, Polk expressed his aggressive policy towards Britain over the Oregon Territory with the campaign slogan
"Fifty-four forty or fight"
President Polk accepted the 49th parallel as the Oregon Territory boundary because
He had a war with Mexico on his hands.
The primary Amrican military campaign that led to the capture of Mexico City was commanded by
Winfield Scott
The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the
Mexican-American War
In 1830, California, Texas, and New Mexico were all under the sovereighnty of
What third political party swung the presidential election of 1844?
The Liberty Party
All of the following were source of tension between Mexico and American Settlers in Texas EXCEPT
The trade and commerce that was brought into Mexico by the Americans.
James K. Polk went to war with Mexico to
force cession of New Mexico and California to the United States.
The United States expected the Mexican-American War to
be of a relatively short duration.
It banned slavery from all territory acquired from Mexico
The Wilmot Proviso
Who won the election of 1848?
Zachary Taylor
Why was the Wilmot Proviso defeated in congress?
There was a deadlock in the Senate with equal numbers of Northern and Southern Senators.
All of the following political parties had candidates in the election of 1848 EXCEPT the
American advantages in the Mexican War included
Better leadership, artillery, and naval capacity.
The term "Great American Desert" referred to which geographical location?
The Southern Great Plains
The Wilmot Proviso was an attempt to
Ban the expansion of slavery into the newly acquired territory from Mexico.
Concerning unjust laws, Henry David Thoreau advocated
Refusing to obey unjust laws and suffering the legal consequences.
In the aftermath of the Mexican War, the main issue that gripped the United States was
The expansion of slavery