Essay After The Annexation Of Mexico Dbq

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In the 1840’s after the annexation of Texas there was mounting tension between America and Mexico, which lead to the Mexican War. Mexico was fighting against the expansionist-mind of America from 1846 to 1848. Many different aspects of the conflict between the two countries stemmed from the poor communication and misunderstandings, the aggressiveness of Americans on the subject of expansion due to manifest destiny, and the Mexican government not following through on their promise to new settlers all contributed to the creation of a war.
The international relations between America and Mexico became exceptionally poor after the annexation of Texas. Mexico believed that America got hold of Texas from them and completely the disregarded basic law. President José Joaquin De Herrera called the people of Mexico to protect their independence because they were, “threatened by the usurpation of Texas” (Document 1). All of Mexico was led to believe that Texas was stolen from them. In a political cartoon from 1846 America was portrayed Uncle Sam and he was kicking a Mexican across the Rio Grande, and it is apparent that America was meant to appear much larger than Mexico implying that they were no match for America (Document 14). This political cartoon was created to send the message that America would continue to expand their power and would stop whoever tried to rebell. On the opposite side of the conflict, the American government’s rationalization was the fact that Texas wanted to be annexed. When President James K.
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Both Mexico and Great Britain believed that the annexation was able to be successful because of America’s disregard of the laws and that was just the beginning of all the conflict. All of the aspects of the annexation that caused the war were poor diplomacy, the poor reaction to slavery, and the American government 's belief in manifest

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