Causes Of The Mexican War

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In the 1840’s after the annexation of Texas there was mounting tension between America and Mexico, which lead to the Mexican War. Mexico was fighting against the expansionist-mind of America from 1846 to 1848. Many different aspects of the conflict between the two countries stemmed from the poor communication and misunderstandings, the aggressiveness of Americans on the subject of expansion due to manifest destiny, and the Mexican government not following through on their promise to new settlers all contributed to the creation of a war.
The international relations between America and Mexico became exceptionally poor after the annexation of Texas. Mexico believed that America got hold of Texas from them and completely the disregarded basic
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Before the annexation Mexico promised the American citizens the same rights and privileges they had in America, and the American citizens assumed that meant slavery also. In 1828 José Maria Sánchez visited the Mexican territory, he complained that American settlers were moving in with their slaves and taking whatever land they desired without the government stopping them (Document 8). This occurrence did not help the Mexican’s view on manifest destiny. After the Mexican government realized that slavery had a good chance of becoming part of their country they had to back out on their promise to the new settlers, which angered them and contributed to the desire to be annexed (Document 9). Many others, including Abraham Lincoln and Great Britain were worried about the spread of slavery when the annexation occurred. The London Times shared their disdain for the annexation by stating that it would, “secure the perpetuity of slavery and all its attendant evils.” (Document 7). Even the American President, Abraham Lincoln, was worried about the annexation of Texas and when it came time for war he did not support the cause. In the Lincoln-Douglas debates he explained why he refused to vote for it by saying, “the Democratic party tried to get me to vote that the war had been righteously begun by the President, I would not” (Document 14). With all of …show more content…
Both Mexico and Great Britain believed that the annexation was able to be successful because of America’s disregard of the laws and that was just the beginning of all the conflict. All of the aspects of the annexation that caused the war were poor diplomacy, the poor reaction to slavery, and the American government 's belief in manifest

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