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Global Investment Performance Standards:
*Voluntary standards - *recommended Industry standard
GIPS term
Group of individual discretionary portfolios which represent similar investment strategy or objective
*show em all = bad and good*
GIPS term
3rd party verification showing that:
1. adherence to GIPS
2. Proper procedures iaw GIPS guidelines
GIPS term
Objectives (4) (one for each letter)
1. G = global acceptance of calculations and presentation standards (full disclosure
2. I = Investments reported accuretely
3. P = Promote fair competition among firms
4. S = Self-regulation (globally)
GIPS Characteristics
(in a nutshell)
there are 11 things listed... ummm can boil it down to this:
1. you define your "firm"
2. provide full disclosure
3. include all fee paying (isn't this in the full disclosure) 5 yrs or from conception - add annual performance going forward for 10 yrs (I dun understand this one)
4. Standards of presentation
5. Not false (accurate #'s)
6. contains both required and recomended
7. Show it all (recommended)
8. No partial compliance
9. Local laws prevail - but disclose conflict
10. recommendation may become law
11. supplemental private equity and real estate = asset class
so - full disclosure in all facets
* no lying or misrepresentation
* some crazy 5 - 10 year thingy?
*Local laws prevail
*Either full adherence or you can't claim GIPS