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What DHCP Option is used to provide the phones with a list of TFTP Servers

Option 150

Name three different DHCP Server Options

Third Party such as Microsoft DHCP, Cisco IOS DHCP Server, CUCM DHCP Server

When using a third party DHCP server what is commonly required to relay DHCP request to the server

DHCP relay server, a switch can provide DHCP relay services using the ip-helper command

When does a phone request a new IP Address

Exactly half the lease time set on the DHCP Server. If the DHCP has a lease period of 8hrs the phones will request a new address at 4hrs.

Is TFTP a critical part of the UC solution


What is the method by which phones receive firmware and configuration information?


The CUCM TFTP Server contains files for phones, gateways and other endpoints. Name some of the files provided by the CUCM TFTP Server.

Phone firmware files

Phone configuration files

Certificate Trust List (CTL) files

Identity Trust List (ITL) files

Tone localization files

Ring list files

Softkey and Phone Button template files

Background Images

List some of the TFTP Applications

CUCM TFTP Supports TFTP Proxy

Load Server option

Peer firmware sharing

What common attributes must phones have for peer firmware sharing to work properly?

Phones must be on the same subnet

Phones must be the same type

What happens if peer firmware sharing fails

If peer firmware sharing fails, phones will fall back to CUCM TFTP for the phone firmware

What is the order of operations for phone TFTP interaction?

1.)Phone receives DHCP info with option 150 supplying an ordered list of TFTP servers

2.)The phone contacts the TFTP server to request firmware and configuration

3.)TFTP server sends configuration information

4.) Info contains CUCM registration server information

5.)XML Configuration file is downloaded if available, otherwise the default file is used.

6.) Phone downloads remaining information such as Softphone template, phone button template

7.) The phone registers with the first cucm server is the provided list

What does the configuration file contain?

Firmware load information, and cucm registration information

Does the phone or the CUCM decide if the phone should upgrade firmware?

The decision is made by the phone on whether to upgrade based on the config file info