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term by Cisco for variety of security tools to help prevent various attacks like anti-virus, anti-phisshing, anti-spam
connection establishment
process by which connection-oriented protocol establishes connection (TCP has 3 way transmission of TCP segments)
denial of service - attack that causes probelms by preventing legitimate users to access services
error detection
process of discovering if data-link levcel frame was changed during transmissiong - typically uses FCS (Frame Check Sequence) field in data-link trailer
error recovery
notices when transmitted was not received and resends
device that forwards packets between less secure and more secure parts of network by applying rules
flow control
regulating amount of data sent - TCP uses windowing
forward acknowledgement
process by which error recovery is does by listing the next data to be sent, not last data successfully received
protocol used by web browsers and web servers to transfer files
Intrusion Detection System
examines complex traffic patterns against a list of both known atttack signatures and general charcteristics of how attacks may be carreid out - rates each threat and reports threat
intrustion prevention system
exmaing complex traffic patterns aginst known list of attack signatures and general characteristics of how attacks may be carried out, - rates each threat and rects to prevent more threats
ordered data transfer
networking function included in TCP - defines how sending host should number data transmitted - how data should be recieved, reordered - and what to do if it can't be ordered
in TCP or UDP a number used to uniquely identify the application process that sent or recieved data - in LAN switching, another name for switch interface
positive acknowledgement and retransmission (PAR)
error recovery - receive must send acknowledgement data was recieved or lost - and request resending if necessary
sliding windows
mechanism to grant future windows is typcially a number growing upwards after each acknowledgment
universal resource location - how to refer to pice of ino retrievable via TCP/IP network - used to identify web pages
virtual private network
process of securing communication between two devices whose packets pass over some public and unsecured network - typically internet - it encrypts packets
transport of voice traffic inside IP packets over an IP network
web server
software that stores web pages and send them to web clients