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Which Cisco IOS command allows you to change the setting for the configuration register?
Which type of NAT enables a translation table to be populated as the required traffic flows through the NAT-enabled devices?
Which statements are TRUE regarding Network Address Translation (NAT)?
Can act as an address translator between the Internet and a local network.
Conserves IP addresses.
Helps the local network connect to the Internet using unregistered IP addresses.
What does NAT stand for?
Network Address Translation
Which service is denoted by TCP/UDP port number 53?
Domain Name Service (DNS)
Which of the following TCP port numbers is used by Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)?
Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding flow control?
It uses cyclic redundancy check (CRC) to find and remove corrupted data.
Which feature is NOT provided by flow control?
Full duplex transmission.
Which Cisco IOS command is used to disable the Cisco Discovery Protocol Version 2 (CDPv2) advertisements?
the no cdp advertise-v2 command
What Layer 2 protocol does not require an IP address to be configured?
You are the network administrator for your company. You have been assigned the task of configuring Routing Information Protocol Version2 (RIPv2) in the network. The nwetwork which needs to be advertised is You are in the global configuration mode. Which set and sequence of commands would you use to accomplish this task?
1. router rip
2. version 2
3. network
The following is a partial output of the show interfaces command.
What does the "Serial 0 is up, line protocol is down" statement signify in the output?
-No problems with the physical connectivity
-Configuration problem in the local or remote router
What does the "show ip interfaces brief" command do?
It provides an overview of all the interfaces on the router.
Which Cisco IOS command can be used to troubleshoot switch startup problems on a Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch?
"Show post" command
You are the network administrator for your company. You have been assigned the task of configuring an appropriate IP addressing scheme in the network. Assuming that the network address is, what will be the number of hosts per network in this scenario?
Which Cisco IOS command is used to view real-time Routing Information Protocol (RIP) routing updates?
debug ip rip
You are the network administrator for your company. The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the company is looking for a routing solution that satisfies the following requirements:
-No bandwidth consumption by route advertisements
-Increased network security
-No routing protocol overhead
-Not concerned about fault tolerance

Which of the following routing techniques matches the criteria?
Static routing
Which Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) command is used to specify a network for calculating the gateway of last resort?
ip default-network network-number
Which of the following topologies is used in Wide Area Networks (WANs)?
Which method does the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) use to encrypt data?
Which statement is NOT true of Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)
It uses the message integrity code/ Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (MIC/ TKIP) to encrypt data.
Which layer in the OSI model defines an IP address that helps in selecting the route to the destination?
Which service set type is created when wireless clients are connected to each other without using an access point?
Which of the following security practices will NOT help to protect the configuration files on an access point or wireless router?
Create a MAC filter list.
Which Cisco IOS command is used to configure encapsulation for a PPP serial link on a Cisco router?
Encapsulation PPP
As you are training a new junior technician, the trainee is examining the routing table. He tells you that there are three different routes to the same network in the routing table. He asks you which of the routes will be used to populate the routing table.

What will your answer be, assuming that all routing protocols are set at the default administrative distance?
The route with a C next to it.
Which organization provides interoperability between different Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) vendors?
Wireless Fidelity Alliance (Wi-Fi Alliance, of which Cisco is a founding member)
Which Cisco IOS command enables a router to copy IOS images from one router to another router?
Copy tftp flash
Which Wide Area Network (WAN) switching technology is used by Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)?
Cell switching
Which type of switching process requires a switch to wait for the entire frame to be received before forwarding it to a destination port?
Store and forward
Which of the following commands will set the line speed of a serial connection that connects to a Channel Service Unit/ Digital Service Unit (CSU/ DSU) at 56 Kbps?
service-module 56k clock rate speed
Which of the following cables would be used to connect a router to a switch?
Which Cisco IOS command is used on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switch to view the spanning-tree protocol (STP) information for a virtual LAN (VLAN)?
Show spanning-tree vlan
You have been assigned a network ID of If you utilize the first network resulting from this ID, what would be the last legitimate address in this subnet?
Which three statements are TRUE regarding static route assignments? (Choose three)
-Static routes do not respond to network outages.
-Static routes are removed from the routing table if the interface goes down.
-Static routes are manually configured on the router.
Which Cisco IOS command can be issued on a router to test connectivity between two remote routers?
ping (with no address specified)
Which of the following fields are in a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) packet?
-Sequence Number
-Data Offset
You are configuring a serial link between a Cisco router and a router produced by another vendor. What would be the advantages of using Point to Point Protocol (PPP) over High Level Data Link Control (HDLC) in this Scenario?
HDLC has a proprietary "type" field that may be incompatible with equipment from other vendors.
What should you do to provide roaming facilities to users connected to three different access points without requiring any modification to client configuration?
Configure the same SSID on three access points.
Which security protocol uses Advanced Encryption Standard-Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol (AES-CCMP)?
Which two statements are TRUE of synchronous serial ports?
-These ports can be used to provide leased-line or dial-up communications.
-These ports can be used to configure high-speed lines (E1 or T1).
An optional parameter that links a track object with the route configured using the ip route command is:
Specifies the PREFIX mask for the destination:
An optional parameter used to specify the administrative distance:
Specifies the network interface type and interface number:
Configure a particular privilege level to gain access to a specific command:
enable privileged password john
Configure an encrypted password which provides provides privileged access to the IOS to user "john" :
enable secret john
Configure the enable password for the router to user "john" :
enable password john
Configure the commands which are accessible at various levels:
privilege level
Category: Networking Monitoring-->
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS)
Category: Firewall/Intrusion Detection-->
IPS Sensor Application
Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)
Cisco Security Agent (CSA)