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Are prowords to be substituted for text?
Name a method of communication that can be used in areas where oral communication is not reliable.
Arm and hand signals, Whistle signals, and Special signals
What is the nature and purpose of command and control?
To enable the Naval Commander to understand the situation in his/her battle space.
Who drives the command and control process?
The Commander
Who has final responsibility and accountability for success of the mission?
The Commander
What are the three forms of intelligence?
Strategic, Operational and Tactical
What is the cornerstone of naval intelligence?
To support the operating forces (at sea, from sea and ashore)
Name two key attributes of naval intelligence.
Timeliness, objectivity, usability availability, thoroughness, accuracy and relevance
What does the acronym COMSEC stand for?
Communications Security
What is COMSEC?
The Navy's system for providing safeguards on telecommunications via encryption.
What is meant by the term TPI?
Two-person integrity is the security measure taken to prevent single-person access to COMSEC keying material and cryptographic maintenance manuals.
What are the three types of clearances?
Confidential, Secret and Top Secret
Name the frequency of HF, VHF and UHF.
HF = 3 MHZ - 30 MHZ
VHF = 30 MHZ - 300 MHZ
UHF = 300 MHZ - 3 GHZ
Name two factors that effect the range of radio equipment.
Weather, terrain, antenna, power, location of the radio
What is meant by the term minimize?
To drastically reduce normal message and telephone traffic so that vital messages connected with the situation at hand will not be delayed. Similar to "Silence on the Net."
What is meant by the term beadwindow?
It is used to alert the operators that an unauthorized disclosure has occurred over a NON-SECURE circuit.
What does one short blast of the whistle mean?
Attention to Orders
What does one long blast of the whistle mean?
Cease Firing
What does 3 long blast repeated mean?
Hostile Aircraft
What is the exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commander over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of the mission?
Command and Control
What is the definition of Intelligence?
Product resulting from collection, exploitation, processing, integration, analysis, and evaluation of information concerning foreign countries
What are some principles of intelligence?
Know the Adversary
The CDR's needs
Unity of Intelligence
Plan for combat
Use an all source approach
How many steps to the intelligence Cycle are there?
What are the steps to the intelligence Cycle?
Planning and Direction
The maximum transmission ranges for each setting is? LO, M, HI, PA?
Low Power - 200-400m
Medium Power - 400m-5km
High Power - 5-10km
Power Amplifier - 10-40km
Who is responsible for managing the CMS account?
COMSEC Custodian
Definition of access?
Ability to obtain knowledge of classified information.
Definition of classification?
That info is required a specific degree of protection against unauthorized disclosure.
Definition of compromise?
Security Violation in which classified information has been exposed to someone.
Definition of Need to Know?
Determination that an individual needs access to specific classified information.
Definition of clearance?
Person meets the security standards to gain access to classified information.
What is EEFI?
Essential Elements of Friendly Information is information, if revealed, would degrade the unit disclosing the EEFI.
What are some EEFI codes?
Wrong Circuit
When you hear Beadwindow what do you do?
Roger out... Alerts circuit operators that an unauthorized disclosure has occurred over a non secure net.