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Jorge got home late due to his bus breaking down.

What is the cause in this sentence?
His bus broke down.
The City Park is way too muddy after last night's storm. Therefore, Sumner cancelled the soccer game.

What was the effect of the field being too muddy?
Sumner cancelled the game.
My dad quit eating fried foods and sweets. As a result, he has lost 10 pounds.

What caused my dad to lose 10 pounds?
He quit eating fatty foods.
Since the snakehead fish have invaded the Maryland pond, they have killed all the native fish species.

What effect have the fish had on the environment?
The fish have killed all the native fish species.
The snakes have slithered into homes and schools because they are in search of food.

Identify the cause and the effect of this sentence.
The cause is the snakes are hungry (searching for food)

The effect is invaded homes and schools.
When gas prices get as expensive as they are, it causes food prices to also rise.

What is the cause of higher food prices?
Higher gas prices is the cause.
Mrs. Hargrove walked in with spiked blue hair and 2 nose rings. For this reason, her students all looked at her funny.

What was the effect of Mrs. Hargrove's new style?
The effect was her students laughed at her.
Without any natural predators, the result could be that the mice take over the school!

What could cause the mice to take over?
Having no predators would be the cause of the mice taking over.
Madness took over Usher's brain. So, he started talking to himself and seeing things. He also thought the house was alive.

What was one effect of Usher's madness?
Effects- He saw things.
He talked to himself.
He thought the house was alive.
Because the owner trained the pit bull to attack, it was no surprise that the dog attacked the neighbor.

What was the cause of the attack?
CAUSE- The owner trained the dog to attack.