Pinston Head Manufacturing Case Study

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Chapter 1
An automotive manufacturing industry aims at meeting the customer requirement by providing the good quality of product. So many company focus to reach the global market in satisfying the customer demand. Quality of the product is achieved by minimization of rework, reducing scrap rate and minimizing man hour on rework. Rejections in automotive industry occur due to not placing the product for required specification. Now a day’s rework of rejected parts are common but rework add losses to the company net profit, if the company is a continuous mass production where the products go through a series of process to come out with final product. Piston head manufacturing travels through a sequence of manufacturing and
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MOE and A.B ABU [3] in this paper, it uses the six sigma approach in defect reducing in automobile industry. The six sigma processes like define, analysis, measure, improve and control are applied. This study includes tools like quality management tools such as Pareto analysis, data analysis, cause and effect diagram and design of experiments. This study aims at finding out the root cause to problem and providing solution .This paper highlighted the cause foe product rejection rate. This paper aims at reducing rejection rate from 38% to 13%. Hence six sigma approach was effective in reducing the defect.

Md .MAZIDHUL IBRAM [4] this paper highlights on use of quality tool in minimizing the rework in apparel industry. This paper gives idea of quality and productivity improvement in apparel industry. The methods helps to provide the framework in indentify the defect and analyse. It helps to reduce the defect rate. This paper gives the idea of application of process performance of critical process which leads to proper utilization of machines and time. The paper aims at improve the productivity by minimizing cost and internal
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Manufacturing process needs attention otherwise it causes damages to company profit. Quality management includes controlling the quality to maintain and improve the product quality. This paper mainly focused on using cause and effect diagram to improve quality, reducing scrap. This method helps to identify the causes in radiator manufacturing process. This paper aims at improving the total production of fin opening from 7% to 9%. So quality tools helps in significant manner to improve the

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